Choose a British film made between 1930 and 1961 and with which you have some familiarity (and which is available for viewing). Contextualise this film in relation to British Cinema History. Show how the film represents some of the historical events we have studied and discuss the issues relevant for cultural and social historians. You will be required to register your choice of film for this assignment by 22nd November. If a film that you wish to study falls outside the dates specified or has not been listed in the module handbook, please discuss your choice with me, otherwise your essay may not meet the criteria of the question. Please note that there are further guidelines in your module handbook (The module handbook is attached. Follow the instructions for Assignment number 2 and the instructions of the module handbook). NOTE: The film that has been chosen is “Sapphire (1959)“ as it can been seen in the attached file. Marking Criteria: Quality of research regarding the film’s context and British film-making Focus on issues arising relevant to cultural and social historians Acknowledgement of the film’s relationship to earlier and later styles of British film-making Choice of examples and close analysis Appropriate use of academic style and language including referencing to Harvard APA standard In your answer you should consider:

1. The nature of the film as a representation rather than attempting to judge its historical accuracy.

2. Similarly examine the film in the context in which it was made rather than imposing contemporary values and interests.

3. Does the film make particular attitudes, values or beliefs visible?

4. How is the audience being addressed? 5. What are the pleasures evident in the film? 6. How is the film characteristic of the period in which it was made? 7. Which sequences of the film do you think would be of most interest to the social and cultural historian? 8. What other types of historical evidence does the film prompt you to investigate?

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