Respond to a classmate who took the opposite position from

Respond to a classmate who took the opposite position from your own (in favor of technology). Briefly explain your viewpoint to your classmate and challenge them to consider other ways of looking at the issue. 5 sentences or more. Against the Use of Technology Technology lacks social interaction. Developing young children are driven to learn. Young children blossom when they are given creative play time. When young children are involved in active play, they are developing their social skills as well as running, jumping, and having fun being active using their gross motor skills. When young children are involved in the exploratory play, they are developing their social skills as well as sensory development and problem-solving skills. When children are involved in imagination play, they are being creative as they socialize with peers or even by themselves. While young children are actively engaged in play, these young children are gaining self-regulating skills as they interact with friends. Young children need to interact with others. They love being read to and talked to by their peers and teacher. Technology takes away the five senses learning approach. Toddlers learn about the world around them by touching, tasting, smelling, seeing and hearing. Young children who have never got their hands dirty play with mud or paint, stacked a tower of blocks, or explored bugs will not want to learn these things if they get hooked on technology. Once a child starts playing on a computer or tablet, they lose themselves in the technology rather than interacting with friends or family. Technology has an influence over children. The more children use it, the more dependent they become on how fast they find information. This has two consequences to consider. The first is children are becoming lazy, and information on the internet is not always true. Instead of going outside to play children sit at the computer interacting with the screen and instead of researching what they are looking for children are relying on the information. The traditional way of studying is being set aside for the new technology even though the traditional way is more successful and healthier for the mind.

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