Respond to the following questions1.What is Business Analys

Respond to the following questions:1.What is Business Analysis? (no more than 10 sentences)2.Who is a business analyst? Why are business analysts used (discuss at least three reasons)? What are the major duties of a business analyst (use knowledge areas to guide your answer)? How does the role of a business analyst differ from the role of a systems analyst? (no more than 40 sentences)3.Do business analysts work only on software projects? Discuss. (no more than 10 sentences)4.Discuss a business analyst’s career progression (start from an entry level position). What certifications are available for Business Analysts and what are the requirements for getting those certifications? (no more than 30 sentences)5.Discuss three of the major challenges faced by business analysts when doing their job. (no more than 25 sentences)Please make sure to number your responses. Type the questions first and then the corresponding answer. Use a consistent formatting style and make sure you provide adequate references and citations. Please do not copy and paste information from any source.

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