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Resume InstructionsLAW ENFORCEMENT is my interestWhether you are creating a new resume or revising your current resume, it is important to review resume guidelines and examples. Click here to review an example of a resume.Revise your current resume, or click on one of the following resume templates to begin to develop your resume:Simple Resume TemplateChronological with Accomplishments Resume TemplateExperienced Resume TemplateTailor your resume to your desired career field of interest, placing a particular emphasis on skills, qualifications, and experience that are compatible with that career field in mind.Use your skills analysis from Unit 1 to list relevant skills and qualifications.Use action verbs and accomplishment-driven language to describe your experience and qualifications.When listing your responsibilities, explain both what you did (e.g., Addressed customer questions and concerns) and the benefit it added to the company (e.g., Addressed customer questions and concerns, ensuring the highest level of service was provided).Accomplishments are important because they help you distinguish yourself from others who may have the same skill sets as you.Accomplishments can include any time you received recognition from a customer, coworker, or supervisor for the way you handled any aspect of your job or projects that you have successfully completed.Include your CTU degree in your Education section. Use the name of your degree listed under the Academics tab on the Virtual Campus, and provide the expected graduation date.Do not use pronouns (e.g., I, me, or my).Remove any of the instructions from the template.Make sure your font, spacing, and overall format is professional and consistent.Once you have completed your draft, read through the resume line by line. Keep in mind that any typos, spelling, or grammatical errors within your resume could potentially lead to your application being rejected by prospective employers, so you should edit your document with great care to ensure that you are submitting an error-free, polished resume.Upload your completed resume to the Submissions areas of the classroom.

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