Continue using the project selected in Week Two. How would you identify the sources of funds for the project? Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of 7 to 12 slidesusing information from the cost benefit analysis and assignment from Week 2 explain the following for the same selected project: Public-private partners Nonprofits Bond issuance Multilevel government financing Effects of taxation Evaluate the role that financial efficiency will play in obtaining this funding at the state and local levels.


Format your presentation according to APA standards. Place in-text citations as close to the sentence or item they are citing and list reference in the last slide. Presentation should be in third person. Avoid using speaker notes, only if needed to clarify the slide. The presentation should be in a webinar format that communicates information by reading the slides. It should not be done as if it was an oral presentation with verbatim notes. Title and Reference slide does not count toward the number of slides of the presentation, and the number of slides is given as guidance not as a strict requirement

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