ViewChapter 3 Concept Review and provide response to online discussion question(s)Chapter 3 “Evaluating a Company’s External Environment”.
Discussion Part

Assume that you and some partners have formed a partnership to attempt to acquire the four McDonalds franchises in the area (Main Street, Wal-Mart, and Wheat Drive stores in Bozeman, and the Belgrade store off Jackrabbit Lane north of the interstate). You are seeking a loan from a local bank to finance the acquisition and operation of the four stores. You have been asked to provide the loan officer with a brief analysis of the competitive environment in fast-food.

Organize your thinking about how to answer this question by thinking about a five-forces analysis for the fast-food industry.

List each of the five competitive forces and whether you think the force is stron moderate or weak

Do you think that the fast food industry is an attractive business to be in, briefly describe why or why not.

Note: you need to use the resources to answer the discussion part. Make sure there is no plagiarism on the paper, I am looking for a quality work


Chapter 3 (See the attachment)


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