REVISED ENGLISH 1302 PAPERS THREE AND FOUR Your essay should be at least 5 paragraphs long, double spaced, Times New Roman, and 12 pt font. You should have a clear thesis you support. Your ideas should be clear, insightful, thought-provoking, and focused so that they consistently support the topic, thesis and audience for the paper. Your essay should be developed with abundant details and examples that arouse audience interest and provide relevant, concrete, specific and insightful evidence in support of sound logic. Your organization should be coherent, unified and effective in support of the paper’s purpose/ plan and consistently demonstrates effective and appropriate rhetorical transitions between ideas and paragraphs. Your style should confident, readable and rhetorically effective in tone, incorporating varied sentence structure, precise word choice and correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. Your format should be correct, meets all assignment directions, and works expertly to support the essay’s purpose/plan. You can use MLA or APA to cite your sources. PAPER THREE TOPICS and information to use as a guide if needed Paper Three DUE 05/06/2017 Toulmin Model Powerpoint.ppt attachment 956514 0 Toulmin Argument Worksheet.doc Toulmin Outline.pdf attachment9565160Toulmin Argument Explained Readings FOR PAPER 3 We’ve Got Issues external_url 956519 0 Little People, Lots of Pills external_url 956520 0 U.S. Kids May not be Over-medicated After All Are Children Being Overmedicated? PBS Frontline Overmedicating Kids Website (Videos also) END OF PAPER THREE INFORMATION Paper Four Topics and information to use as a guide if needed Weeks Ten-Twelve: Paper Four Weeks Ten-Twelve: Paper Four DUE 05/10/2017 Weeks Ten-Twelve: Paper Four 122894 Refutation context_module_sub_header 956526 0 Refutation.ppt attachment 956527 0 Refutation Paper Outline attachment 956528 0 Readings context_module_sub_header 956529 0 Two Cheers for SweatShops external_url 956530 0 My Life as a Sweatshop Worker external_url 956531 0 Sweatshops Forever external_url 956532 0 Where Sweatshops Are a Dream external_url 956533 0 Assignments and Activities context_module_sub_header 956534 0 Paper Four Topics 10Choose One: 1) Argue whether or not sweatshops are inherently good or bad for the people who work in them. 2) Do you believe globalization helps all people within the system? Think about workers in the participating countries in your response. 3) Do you believe most Americans benefit from sweatshop labor? Why or why not? Consider the price of goods, jobs that are lost or created by imports, and the competition on manufacturers to have better, cheaper products. 4) How does social awareness and conscience factor into people and how they shop? Is it significant enough to bring back American manufacturing? Are American companies being honest with people in disclosing where their products are either entirely or partially manufactured in other countries?

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