Papers must be between 3-4 pages and be written in strict APA format. Owl Purdue is a great resource for this writing style. You may Google “APA Format” or just copy/paste this link into the URL: You do not need to write an abstract as you are not conducting a research study. Follow APA guidelines for the title page, font, margins, spacing, citations, reference page, etc. If you have questions, call me for clarification.

Correct spelling and proper grammar count! Remember to cite your sources within the paper AND on your Reference Page at the end of your document. Failure to do one or both makes your paper a product of plagiarism – A Grade of “F” will be assigned. For a paper of this length I am looking for no less than 2 sources but no more than 3. If your paper is even one line short of the minimum of 3 pages using the required APA margins and spacing, you will receive a grade below “C”. Please take this assignment seriously and put forth your best effort. The grades for your paper/project constitutes a large part of your course grade.

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