The Risk Paper must be based upon an article that you find in the newspaper, a magazine, or from any reliable source from the internet. The article must be attached or the link must be listed on the cover sheet. Each student must verify that the reference is assessable before using or referencing the link in the paper, Wikipedia and any restricted access site (i.e.: library or paid per viewing) are not acceptable source sites. ***Please do not embed links into little icons as my pc views those as terrorists threats and will not open them. If I cannot open the weblink, then there will be no points assigned to the link. The paper should deal with risk. This is a very broad topic and a major portion of the textbook’s topic( what kind of insurance can apply as life insurance, house insurance, disaster, etc…) It is very important to find an article that is interesting to you. After reading the article, it is the student’s opportunity to express their opinion on how this information affects the reader, the community or the world. Risk comes in all shapes and sizes, be creative and look for something of interest to you. The article should be within 4 months from the time that the paper is due. An older article will cost points, per the grading rubric. The paper should not repeat what is stated in the original article, as that is plagiarism. The article may be referred to, not copied. It is the student’s responsibility to express their opinion in correct English grammar and complete sentences. Spelling and the use of the correct words in each sentence is required (ex: there vs. their).

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