rutgers university

            I look at Rutgers University as an academic institution that has the qualities of being a home that caters to cultural diversity and active participation that enhances the students’ well-being. Most of the time, it is important to take diversity and student program and activities as it is realized that learning also occurs outside the four walls of the classrooms. Valuable lessons that enable university students to become competitive in the different areas they intend to immerse in are often fostered and enhanced through interaction with people from different backgrounds. Given the chance to become a part of this academic community, I also have my own respective contributions to make in terms of the experiences I have that heralded my leadership qualities, active participation, and cultural exposure.

            For a span of more than two years, I served as the Office Manager of Hudson News in New York that provided me the chance to interact with different people and manage daily operations for the said organization. Through my position, I became an active participant in the community wherein I am able to relate with people from different backgrounds. I see this as an advantage because of the fact that I have the chance to experience relating to different people in an organizational setting before I am given the chance to engage in other fields.

At the same time, I served the Dhadkan Inc. (New Jersey) and am currently the CEO and President of the said organization. The said company has the purpose of promoting awareness of the South Asian-American through the use of South-Asian and modern dance. The flesh and blood of this company is the National Inter-High School South Asian Dance Competition that receives participation from an estimate of 1,500 people from all over the nation.

In this particular company, I served as the leader and the manager that allows for the establishment and accomplishment of goals related to the culture of the South Asian-American. This is a part of the rich culture of the global world that is yet to be discovered by the people and it has become personally important for me that this is perpetuated among the nation. Aside from the consideration of the culture, there is also the focus on the talent of dancing. It is seen that dancing is an activity that high school students, who are mostly in their teenage years, engage in. Thus, it is easier to tap this particular area in order to promote both the art of dancing and heighten the awareness of the young individuals and the audience regarding the South Asian-American culture.

Over the years of Dhadkan’s existence, I have personally seen that the goals have been successfully achieved. In dancing and making people understand and accept culture aside from theirs, I see that our organization have become a successful and active actor. Taking this into Rutgers University, I expect to extend the same vision and philosophy in dealing with culture. This is especially true because of the larger population and higher degree of diversity that is found in the university which would give me a better chance of continuing this particular endeavor.

With these, I expect to be able to have a better chance of relating to people from a diverse set of backgrounds even with the transition of the setting from the business to the academic arena. This makes learning easier for me because of the lesser time and effort required in order to lend myself a part of a varied population. This gives me the chance to focus on the academic requirements and extracurricular activities with the aim of excelling in both. Lastly, I expect to also learn from the experiences of other people who have greater achievements and would provide their own share in enhancing learning beyond the walls of the classroom.


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