save money and travel time

Mike and Jeff have just graduated from different colleges. After spending the summer living with their arenas at the beach, they both secured entry level positions in the city. Both Jeff and Mike are both excited to be starting their new careers. Jeff is an intern at a top notch publisher, and Mike is starting at Big Bank as a teller. Jeff and Mike realize that they’re not going to be able to afford to live on their own in the city. Jeff knows that his childhood friend Mike is also starting a new Job in the city, so Jeff gives Mike a call. Hey Mike, it’s Jeff’, he says. “l was Just thinking, since we’re both working in the city, why don’t we get place together so we’re able to afford it? Mike thinks about it and agrees that it would be a good way to save money and travel time. Mike accepts Jeff offer of becoming his roommate and they start looking for a place to live. Eventually, Mike and Jeff find a nice place in the city. It’s spacious and clean and neither one will have to travel very far to get to work.

Mike comes from a pretty wealthy family and his parents help him out with his share of the down payment. Jeff, on the other hand, went to college on a scholarship and doesn’t come from money. Jeff and Mike agree to a short term loan that will be paid back over a three month erred, due to the fact that Jeff will now be working. They shake hands and move in to their new bachelor pad together. The first six weeks are going well for both Jeff and Mike. Mike is already in line for a promotion and Jeff is editing short stories.

The next week, Jeff tells Mike that something has come up and he can’t give him any money from the loan that week and Mike reluctantly agrees to give him a week to catch up. In the next few weeks, Jeff has been missing more and more payments. The fourth month has now come, and the payments have now stopped, and Jeff is even ate with the rent. The two men start arguing about money, responsibility and friendship. Jeff takes off and leaves Mike at the apartment alone.

While Jeff is gone, Mike comes across some mail left on the coffee table and finds out that Jeff had been let go two weeks prior for drinking on the Job. This infuriated Mike to no end. Later that night, when Jeff returned from his walk, Mike was sitting on the living room couch, waiting to confront him. These two went at it for hours and finally decided to end their relationship and that Jeff was to move out immediately. Jeff moved back in with his parents, and Mike stayed living at the nice city apartment.

Mike eventually found a new, more suited roommate who paved the bills and with who he got along with famously. Jeff eventually found a new Job in town and made it on his own. Jeff and Mike were two best friends who had grown up together, gone to college together, and, for a short time, lived together. Mike and Jeff never spoke to each other again. Because of their argument that night over money and living together, Mike and Jeff both lost their best friend.

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