School district policy and federal law impacting English Learners and Bilingual Education


Respond to the following seven prompts tracing your background, your school district policy and federal law impacting English Learners and Bilingual Education. Utilize the PDFs and Powerpoint posted as well as do your own district policy research. Put particular emphasis on question #2 and #3 in your response (requirement four pages ).

1. Briefly describe your school and district student population including socio-economic aspect. In your class, how many students do you currently teach? How many are English Language Learners? How many are second, third, etc. language learners and which native languages are represented?

2. *Explain your district policies regarding primary language support for English Learners. What measures do you take to ensure these policies are carried out to provide primary language support for your ELs?* (At least one page for this part is suggested). 3. What support programs are available for English Language Learners before, during and after-school (i.e.ESL Pull-out, ESL Resource Center, classroom aides, parent volunteers, etc.)? How many students identified for this support?

4. How do teachers monitor the academic progress of these students? 5. Does your school district have policies regarding grade level academic language instruction?

6. Students who are English Learners have taken the ELPAC, CELDT and/or another marker of assessment in private schools. What are you or your school doing to prepare them to demonstrate proficiency and ultimately be reclassified? What are the criteria for re-classification? (see powerpoint) 7. After reviewing the Powerpoint and resources posted on historical and federal legal implications of bilingual education, analyze two cases or propositions historically that in your opinion are most significant and impact the needs of students in your district currently. Explain your opinion. * If you are unaware of your district policies or your school does not enforce policies please inquire and give your response based on any information you have obtained. Contact me for assistance. This question and your analysis of the information is important. *

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