Select an example of community work in action and examine the fundamental values and philosophies that inform the work.
In your report ensure you answer the following questions:
1. Who is the community? What is the community work in action? What are its strengths and limiters? Max 300 words
2. What theories of community work are drawn on? 300 words
3. What ethics, attitudes or philosophies underpin the community work in this case study? 400 words
4. How did the collaborators go about facilitating change for the community? Describe the specific strategies or process to create change and development for this community. 400 words
5. What have been the outcomes or expressions of actions? 300 words
6. Through your analysis, what have you learned about community development? What reflections do you have about yourself engaging in community work? Max 300 words
Please ensure you use a professional report format in this assessment.

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