-Project Topic; Select one company that delivers goods or services in Qatar((Except; Qatar Airways)). ((Do not make about Qatar Airways)). 1. Discuss the market structure of that specific company. (what type of market is it? ex: perfect competition or monopolistic competition or oligopoly or monopoly “and we should define the chosen type and how the curve of demand in this type). 2. Describe how the firm is operating in this market to produce these goods and/or services. (what they do or provide, what they product are?) 3. Discuss the technology used by the firm in reference to the goods and/or services it produces

4. Describe its fixed costs 5. Describe its inputs (workers, material, etc.) and how they affect its variable costs. (what the fixed and variable cost? and how much they spend? how fixed and variable cost influence in each other) **It is so important to choose a company that provides there fixed cost and variable cost. -The written document should reflect the following: Demonstrated ability to find sources on the specific topic. A coherent and systematic research strategy. At least 3 books, academic journals, or web links in the references must be cited in the text. ( at least 3 citations from a book or wed or…) Use of appropriate sources for the topic. Uniform and correct bibliographic citation. Correct spelling and grammar. Careful attention should be given to source citations, the proper listing of references, the use of footnotes, and the presentation of tables and graphs. -Paper Format Cover page with title, course, name, date. The paper should include: o Introduction, o Text discussion, o Conclusion, o References (bibliography), o Appendices (if needed). The written document should not exceed 4 pages of text (the text should ideally be between 2 and 3 pages) The document must be type-written (use the word processor). Use double-spaced lines, a Times font and 11- or 12-point size.

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