Select someone (DONALD TRUP) you find intriguing and famous to write about for your DSM-5 case study paper. This can be a celebrity, actor/actress, musician, athlete, politician, historical figure or a criminal. 
The goal of this assignment is to give you an opportunity to study a client (famous person) in depth, assess the client’s functional strengths and deficits, Keep the following in mind as you select the person you are writing about:
Do not select a friend, family member or relative.
In keeping with NASW Code of Ethics, indicate in your introduction section of the report that the person named in your paper was never evaluated by you. Indicate you are using this as a course assignment as a part of your professional training and that (at this point in your professional development) you are not qualified to conduct psychological evaluations.
Gather data from a variety of sources including books, popular magazines, Internet sites, television interviews, podcasts, etc.
The paper will utilize APA 6th edition style for citations and references.
The rubric that follows outlines the various parts to include in your case study paper.

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