self understanding

Good afternoon everyone. .Today I would like to share what I have learned or gained from this course that is beneficial in self understanding and developing positive relations. And I will talk about the latter one first.

I have learned a lot of inter personal skill though this course, such as skills when staying with friends and classmates. Genuiness, empathy these are features of healthy relationship and I already know them before the course, However, I usually do not check for approachability, so I often disturb others an I just thought that did not interrupt the people. So, after learning though the class, I would try to observe and check for the approachability by asking whether he or she is busy or not at that moment. Besides, as we may often have conflict with the others, negotiation skills therefore are very important to manage the conflict. In the past, I used to ignore the problem to make it go away or to concede as I feel uncomfortable with conflict, but this is not good solution, as I just hide my feeling or idea. The better way should be involves a sincere effort to find a solution that will maximize the satisfaction to both parties. We will sometimes also meet some difficult people.

I am a tutor of tutorial class in a primary school, and there are many difficult children in my class, their naughtiness always make me angry and shout at them. After learning chapter6,it seem the situation is better, not because they become more well behaved, but I become more patient and empathic just being they were bad does not mean it is going to ruin my day. I have low self-esteem and think it is difficult to tell what my strength is, and always have an unrealistic ideal self, but after acknowledge that there are many different aspects of “self”, I know it is important to know that “self” can be improved and developed should work hard and believe in my capability to improve, and I would always be better than self of yesterday.

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