Assignment : Discussion of a Research Article Written Paper formatting rules: 6 pages double spaced (not including your reference list) 2 cm margins on all sides. **Leave no additional spaces between paragraphs No more than 3 headings to be used. Font: Times New Roman 12 or Calibri 12 or Arial 11 Do not copy any figures from the article into your paper. What your report will consist of: Written: Oral:

• Background; ~2 pages ~ 3-4 min. • Major Research Findings; ~3 pages ~5-6 min • Significance and Application; ~1 page ~1-2 min • References will come after your 6 pages of text Background -describe the underlying concept (**tie this in with our class knowledge of endothelial cell / smooth muscle cell structure / function) -current knowledge based on other research studies; you will need references here – Identify the main goal / study hypothesis of the research article B. Study Details What was their major methodology? BE BRIEF and summarize rather than re-stating the details of the methods! Describe the results. Refer to specific Figures in the paper. You will need to summarize in order to fit it into your page limitations. You may not have space/time to talk about EVERY result – that means you will need to decide which ones are most important! Significance and Application • What knowledge has been generated from this study? Connect this with other research (ie. Use references)

• What did YOU think was the most interesting thing in this study? Like / dislike? What would you like to see more data for? • Why is this knowledge important to us? (ie better understanding of normal physiology – or a human disease?; new technology?) References • Cite papers in the text using a numerical key in order of appearance • For the bibliography, number your references according to the in-text citations. Make sure your reference includes a full list of all authors, and complete journal article information (ie. Authors’ names, article title, journal name, issue #, page #, year of publication) • Minimum 5 references – 3 primary research articles, 2 review articles; only 2 references can also be in the reference list of your research article. Tips for Success • Start with reading your article through from start to finish several times, highlighting parts that you do not understand • Find reference articles and read those to gain a more thorough understanding of the topic • You may have questions about methodologies – there will be some class time for you to ask questions; otherwise you may wish to make an appointment to discuss it with me • Start with an outline of the points that will go under each heading, then finally, fill in the details ****Please remember – All text MUST be in your own words. Direct quotes are not permitted. Copying sentences from the research article (or other reference material) is considered to be plagiarism, and will result in charges of a breach of academic honesty The research paper is: I will provide class material in slides to provide some concepts that can be underlined. references should be articles and references should be numerical. 2 of the resources can be in the reference list of the paper.

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