Skills Inventory: Leadership Behavior

 This discussion continues the assessment of your leadership skills and competencies. In the Northouse text, complete the “Skills Inventory: Leadership Behavior Questionnaire,” on pages 88–89 (at the end of Chapter 4). Follow the instructions to score your assessment and interpret your results. You will need to capture your responses on a piece of paper and do some basic addition. Based on your results, find 2–3 resources that you could use to improve your skill level. Look on the Internet for professional organizations, workshops, conferences, and other means that could help you develop these leadership skills. In your discussion post, summarize your results. (You may provide as much or as little specific information as you are comfortable doing.) Then, address the following: Are the findings consistent with what you thought your skills were in this area? Explain. How did this inventory better help you understand your skill level? What resources did you find that could help you improve your leadership in this area? Provide the APA citations for the resources you located.

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