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On August 13, 2013, at approximately 1:37 A. M. , Sparks police department received a call that an accidental death has occurred. Queenie Volupides, the wife of the deceased Arthur Volupides, claims that her husband slipped and fell on the stairs while he was coming down to the kitchen for another alcoholic beverage. She says that she wasn’t home when the incident occurred. She states that she was at a country club that was hosting a party and that when she arrived home (at approx 1:15 A. M. ) she found him lying on the stairs dead.

However, the crime scene shows many inconsistencies within Queenie’s Story. Deputy Blank arrived on the scene at around 2:15 A. M, responding to Volupides 911 call. After viewing he crime scene, Deputy Blank noticed that in Arthur’s left hand there was an unbroken glass (presumably what he was drinking alcohol in). This raises many suspicions. If Arthur had tripped and fell down the stairs, then the glass shouldn’t be in his hand unbroken but instead somewhere in the vicinity of his body shattered.

This is because, usually, when somebody is falling down the stairs they will drop whatever is in their hands to try to grab a rail or really anything to try to regain balance. Also, the glass was found in his left hand and when somebody is intoxicated, they can barley stand let alone attempt to hold a glass in their non-dominant hand. Also, Deputy Blank noticed that Queenie had been cooking something when officers arrived. While she was expecting guests, the body of Arthur was just feet away from the stove. Most people would have noticed the dead body and called the police right away.

Responding officers have theorized that the pan she was cooking in is the murder weapon. Upon further inspection, Blank also realized that Arthur was still in his formal suit when he was killed. When Questioning Queenie about this she says that he was supposed to go to the party with her but before she left they had gotten into a fight. That explains why he had gotten into his suit but yet still doesn’t explain why he had stayed in his suit. If Arthur had been home for more than ten minutes, then he probably would have taken off at least his shoes, robe, and tie.

Suspicious where near confirmed when Arthur’s autopsy came back. It did confirm that Arthur had had a high blood alcohol level. It also concluded that he had died from a wound on his head. If Arthur had really fallen down that flight of stairs then there would have been more injuries than that of the wound on this head. Maybe if he had a broken bone or was bruised then Queenie’s“ falling down the stairs” story might have been believable. Our recommendation is that Queenie Volupides is charged with Arthur Volupides Homicide.

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