SNAPPS Presentation

 1. Summarize: A brief and concise oral summary is presented from the pertinent facts. 2. Narrow the Differential Diagnosis: A minimum of three (3) but no more than four (4) diagnoses are given in the differential. 3. Analyze the Differential: Differential is analyzed using key positive and negative findings to argue for and against hypotheses and the diagnoses are ranked in order from high to low likelihood. 4: Probe the Preceptor: Gaps, points of confusion or dilemmas are identified in relation to the problem by identifying 3 appropriate questions for the preceptor. 5: Plan Management: An appropriate, novice level diagnostic and therapeutic plan to manage the problem is identified and consideration to cost, availability or patient preference is addressed. 6: Self-Directed Learning: One issue for self-directed learning as it relates to the case study is identified in the oral presentation and the student provides written research on the self-directed learning topic. Format: The oral presentation is within 5-7 minutes in length and research of the self-directed learning topic is written submitted on the SNAPPS WRITTEN TEMPLATE, using appropriate scholarly references, in APA format and USA APA source only.

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