Thinking back:

In the beginning of the semester you were asked to write a paper describing your own sense of social identity and to critically examine your own lived experiences. Social forces such as gender, race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation and religion are all aspects of individual social identities. The purpose of this type of reflection was to engage you in critical reflection on your beliefs in order to raise awareness of these beliefs and their impact on your future practice.

Critical Assignment Directions:

Re-read your first social identity reflection. Record your reaction to your earlier statement and note any changes and the rationale for the changes. For your critical reflection, incorporate at least three connections to course readings into your paper. In other words, how have what we read about and discussed impacted your beliefs? Think about the following: How will you commit to a personal plan of action to be socially aware of the society we live in? Keep in mind the following:  There is no set page limit but I imagine adding 2-3 pages of new written comments would allow you to answer the response thoroughly. [I recommend commenting on the same document (in bold or in another color font)].  Incorporate at least 3 connections to assigned readings into your paper to support your critical reflection. (This can consist of the concepts from the textbook or any assigned article such as hooks or Mullen)  Clarity and organization of this paper are important; it is highly suggested to include an introduction and a conclusion.  Grading of reflections will be based on timely submission and depth of reflection; actual beliefs and assumptions are not graded. Remember: The overarching question for this self-reflection was: How might your group membership or identities influence your personal experiences?  Possible areas to think about…. o Race, Ethnicity, Geography, and National Origin o Gender and Sexuality o Class and Socioeconomics o Religion and Spirituality o Age and Accessibility o Personal Relationships

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