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Unit 5: Assignment – Journal Article Review


  • Articulate and illustrate the cultural, social and historical influences on the definition of family, configurations of the family, how families are formed, gender roles within the family, marital stability, love and sexuality, parenting and balancing work and family.
  • Appraise alternative configurations such as remaining single, cohabiting, and remaining childless.
  • Evaluate the causes and consequences of separation, divorce, remarriage, domestic violence, aging, and poverty on the family.


Go to the Park online library websiteLinks to an external site.. Look up a Sociology of the Family academic journal.

You may choose any topic you like as long as it is on the FAMILY. Once you choose your journal and find an article you like, read it 3 or 4 times very carefully. Review Chapter 2, Studying Marriages and Families, (Links to an external site.) in the open textbook by Hammond, Cheney and Pearsey (2015).

I recommend you print your article and use a highlighter and take notes in the margin to help you address the points below in the grading rubric. Make sure you follow the rubric carefully. Please label all areas of your paper to correspond to the points on the rubric. For instance, Part I should be the APA citation of your journal article. Part II should be your summary, etc.