written for me by 11/20/2018. I am a professor and time just got lost this weekend. It is a paper my students can use as a resource for them while writing their own. I will include the details on the components this paper should have. It would also be tremendous help if you wrote in the perspective of an 18-22 year old college student. The details of what this paper should consist of is below:

Requirements: 10 full double-spaced pages minimum. Include a title page. Use significantly in your paper and cite a minimum of five sources including three scholarly sources. Citations should be in APA format.

Topic: Analyze two networked publics you interact with online, and your role as a connection between them. How do you eliminate or at least widen their filter bubbles? How do you add a new voice to their echo chambers? (example Instagram & Facebook)

Details: You will select two important networked publics you interact with through social media and name them.* These can be on different social media platforms, or both publics may use the same platform. You will describe the culture of each of these publics and why each is important in your life. You will also imagine how someone like you might have interacted with each public (or a similar public) in history, before the existence of social media. Then, you will analyze two social media posts shared by others in that public, and one social media post you have shared with that public. Finally, you will analyze your role as a connection between these two publics.

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