The idea for a ‘Fun Palace’ was originally conceived by the radical British theatre director Joan Littlewood and the architect Cedric Price in 1961 as buildings where people would come together to celebrate arts, culture and science in the local community. The goal was to foster a more democratic culture by creating an incubator space for the development of new modes of cultural expression. A half-century later, the idea has been successfully revived in the UK, where it has taken the form of an an annual weekend of action every October run by local people for local people. In 2017, there were 362 Fun Palaces with 126,000 participants. Many of these took place in local libraries. Activities included Lego robotics Italian food tasting, a science spectacular, storytelling and balloon art. In this assignment, you are to design a Fun Palace which could be staged in a public library in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). To learn how to go about doing this, go to the website (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

On the main website page, you will see a red rectangle with a star labelled MAKE. Click on this and it will bring you to a page entitled . Click on under the heading HELP and you will find a menu of useful information and good ideas to help you build your Fun Palace. Your project should address the following questions: Where do you intend to situate your Fun Palace? Which demographic groups will be targeted? Seniors? Families? Young adults? What activities will be featured? Who will organize these activities? How will you make sure your Fun Palace is accessible? Are there local community partners you intend to approach? What contribution(s) will your Fun Palace make to promoting a more democratic cultural scene in the host community? As part of the assignment, you are expected to design and submit a Fun Palace poster or brochure or Facebook site. For tips on how to do this, go to the section on the page and click on . For a list of Fun Palaces which were actioned in UK communities in 2017 click on the blue and white location at the top of the main website page. ** The website is set up to assist citizen groups in UK towns and cities who actually intend to fund and operate a Fun Palace. You are not. The assignment only requires that you build a project that could potentially be implemented. So, ignore any instructions on the website that ask you to “register’ or ‘apply for local funding’ or ‘sign up to our mailing list’

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