[Solved] a bridge to wismemans cove

Critically examine how individuals are shaped by significant events that happen in their lives. A person’s perspective can be shaped by significant events that happen in their life. It can be the turning point for a change in their life. Everyone has a significant event in their life where they are changed even if it brings joy, grief or regret. ‘A Bridge to Wiseman’s cove’ is a great example of perspective changes; it shows how Individuals are shaped by significant events that happen during their life. In this Novel James Moloney uses tone, emotive language, setting, symbolism and third person narrative to show the reader the changes that occur during their lives. Carl is the protagonist of the novel. Carl always felt alone, he thought he wasn’t good enough for anything, coming to Wattle Beach made him feel lonelier until he met Justine and Duncans. Getting a job on the Barge made Carl feel he was self-worth and he was proud of himself. The osprey is used to represent Carl Matt’s life in this novel.

Carl is a teenage boy who has a very low self-esteem, self-conscious and an awkward teenager. He has an absent father, a mother who takes off often, a sister who looks after them, until she left and a brother who is disobedient. “Alone in the park, Carl wished he was a concrete statue, set there for the birds to sit on. No thoughts, no cares, no pain, just years of weathering in the sun and rain until there was nothing left”- (pg. 23) this sentence help the reader to see what Carls mood is by using emotive language ,setting and Imagery, it shows the reader that Carl feels Wretched. This demonstrates his life when he first moved into Wattle Beach.

Being abandoned by his family, all he had inside was a broken heart and the responsibility of a parent. His life started getting better, it started with his job in the barge. His purpose was to help Skip. He helped Skip by trying his best. When he came up with idea for getting more customers he felt so proud of himself so did Skip Duncan. “He was exhausted but happier than he’d been since he arrived in Wattle Beach, happier than he’d been since his mother disappeared” (pg.81). “Though his breath returned, he kept his mouth shut to keep in the relief. And the joy. And his heart which felt so light it might well floats straight up his throat and out with words.” (pg. 82) This quotation proves the joy he experienced when he got his job. To be able to realise he is worthy and to know he is being appreciated by those around him was the happiest moment in Carls’ life. He felt more confident, brave and proud. This has conveyed the reader through Imagery, emotive language, Metaphor and third person narrative.

Meeting the Duncans was one of the greatest things that have happened to Carl .Before his experience in Wattle beach Carl had always been afraid of change. Carl was self-conscious about his outside appearance and the concept that he is overweight. Carl always felt protective of his brother Harley, as he is his only brother. His shyness towards others was due to an unfortunate lifestyle. He learned and understood so many things from all the people he met. People like Joy, Skip and Harley helped him become a different person “ Carl floated in a sea of families where everyone, it seemed, walked, spoke and laughed with at least one other- a daughter, a father , a mate”.(pg.19) When he was around Duncans he felt belonged, secure and content. His perspective of family was changed from the moment he met them. This position the reader to feel empathy for Carl by using emotive language and Metaphor.

Moloney has cleverly shown the resemblance between the Osprey and Carl. In the beginning, the osprey was hurt and wounded by someone else, a hunter. It took a while for it to recover, so in that time, Joy Duncan took care of the bird until it was ready to be set free. Carl, he was hurt by other people as well. He was hurt by the kids at school, Beryl’s abuse and his mum leaving. It also took a long time for him to recover and Joy Duncan took care of him. When the bird was set free it spread its wings out, as the symbol for freedom, even though Carl cannot fly he could spread his arms out and become a freer and a confident boy. “Set it free. Greatest thing you’ve ever seen, watching one of these take off”. (pg. 62) In the novel Osprey symbolises freedom.

Significant events can have a positive or negative effect on an individual. Sometimes they can inspire each individual to take a different look in their life. Significant events help people to learn from the past and to prepare for the future. In the climax of the book Carl is changed from an awkward teenager to a proud, confident, brave young adult. Moloney has used Tone, Emotive language, setting, symbolism and third person narrative to show the reader the changes that occurred in their life. ‘A bridge to Wiseman’s Cove’ is definitely a great example of how an individual can be affected by significant events that happen in their life.

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