[Solved] a look at the nursing field

Why did I choose Nursing out of all the careers in the world? I’ve always loved to help people in any way possible. When I was a little girl playing doctor was my favorite activity. Majority of my personality test results all fit into the ideal type of person that is in the Nursing field.

I chose this career not only because I love helping others but also because I care about everyone. I’ve always liked the thought that one day I am the reason many peoples lives that are at risk are saved. I would like to specialize as a Pediatrics Nurse and work at Texas Children’s Hospital. I have set this as my goal because I love kids and I love knowing that one day, every day I will be in an environment that allows me to bond with kids that are in need of my help. Also knowing that there are many kids around the world that to do not get the medical attention they need pushes me to care for the kids that can get medical attention.

I am a Kinesthetic learner which is great to be able to learn because nurses do a lot of hands-on work. After taking the MBTI assessment I am an ISTJ. People who are ISTJ are honest and direct. In the nursing field, nurses have to be honest with their patients and direct about what will be done while treating them. They have to be direct with their colleagues when in emergencies to help someone fast and effectively. When nurses make mistakes it is important they own up to the mistake and are honest with the error that was committed.

What do nurses do you may ask? Nurses have a variety of duties in their job. There are many types of nurses like a Cardiac Nurse who mainly deals with patients who have any issues with the cardiovascular system. There are Triage Nurses, work at a very fast pace, who deal with patients that come right in from the field into the emergency room. Another type of nurse is a Nurse Practitioner. These types of nurses are able to “diagnose and treat certain medical conditions without a physician’s direct supervision” (Nursing Career Profiles: What its like to be a Nurse). Different types of nurses may do different task throughout their everyday routine but ‘a nurse can treat patients, offer guidance, and provide emotional support for patients and their family members during even the most trying times” (Nursing Career Profiles: What its like to be a Nurse). Every single nurse has to take into documentation every single medication that is given out, vital signs every time they are taken and changes in the patient’s health while under their care. These responsibilities are very important because, in case of an emergency or simply trying to figure out what could’ve caused another issue, they are able to pull up these records to identify the reason. As a Pediatric nurse, I would have the same responsibilities as any registered nurse would. However, Pediatric Nurses don’t just deal with the health of young people. “For instance, they might create at-home diet and exercise programs for obese children, educate new mothers on breastfeeding techniques or help parents deal with troubled teenagers” (Pediatric Nursing Job Duties, Responsibilities and Career Options).

Nursing is a very competitive field because there are so many men and women wanting to take on this career. Certain programs and schools require that the student wanting to get in has a specific GPA and certain grades. Many nursing programs look for students that have mainly all A’s or B’s. In Texas, it is required to finish sixty hours of basic core curriculum and prerequisites for the nursing programs. After completing these requirements, the students are able to apply for an Associates degree program or a traditional BSN program. There are many routes someone can take to become a nurse but having a BSN will help in getting a job quicker. Along with the required degree, nurses have to pass a state board test called the NCLEX exam. NCLEX stands for National Council Licensure Exam. There are two types of these exams which are the NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN. When trying to become a registered nurse, nurses have to take this standardized test to see whether or not they are ready to become a nurse. After gaining experience in the field nurses can take a certain test to be certified to work in pediatrics or any specialized area. Pediatric nurses have to have specific skills to be successful in their career. Setting aside the practical skills that nurses are required to have, “pediatric nurses must have the ability to form rapid connections with their juvenile patients” (Pediatric Nurse). Registered nurses can work anywhere from hospitals to schools to doctor offices and even homes. Pediatric nurses are limited to working in facilities that deal with adolescent patients.

In the healthcare field, there is always a need for people to work in the field because illnesses are inevitable. There is a need for anyone who works in the healthcare field because as a society we need to be treated and educated on health. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the career of Registered Nurses is predicted to grow fifteen percent from 2016 to 2026. To put this percentage into numbers in 2016 there were 2,955,200 Registered Nurses. In 2026 it is predicted for there to be 3,393,200 Registered Nurses. Nurses median salary in 2017 was seventy thousand dollars. In Texas, the median salary according to The Texas Workforce Commission in 2012 is seventy-six thousand six hundred fifty-four dollars. In the Gulf Coast region BSN- educated Rn’s make a salary of eighty-three thousand eight hundred thirty-five dollars. In comparison, BSN- educated Rn’ in the Gulf Coast make nineteen thousand six hundred ninety-five dollars more a year than BSN- educated RN’s in East Texas. According to the US Department of Labor in 2013 Rn’s in the Houston, Sugar Land and Baytown annual wage is eighty-eight thousand dollars. Making this salary and living in the Gulf Coast region would fit my lifestyle perfectly. I am starting my own family soon so relocating would not be in the question. I will be able to find a job relatively quickly after receiving my Bachelor’s Degree because I do live close to one of the biggest medical centers in the nation. Like I stated before nurses to do not have to work in hospitals so there is a very high chance of finding a job and not having to take another route into consideration. Other related careers that I may consider is continuing my education and receiving my Master’s degree in medicine to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.

Becoming a Nurse has been a goal of mine since I was a little girl and I hope to successfully achieve this goal in the future. I believe I have chosen a great career to support myself and the job outlook is headed in a positive direction.

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