[Solved] adoration of jenna fox

Would you save someone who is very close to you even if it is illegal? In The Adoration of Jenna Fox, by Mary E. Pearson, Jenna gets into a horrific accident. In an accident so severe as this one, most people would have been killed or crippled for the rest of their lives. Jenna’s parents, Matthew and Clair Fox, take the choice to save her. They basically remade Jenna into a new one. This was dangerous and illegal but they thought it was the right decision. I also very strongly think that saving Jenna was the best decision for Jenna’s parents to make.

Jenna Fox was in a coma while her parents were reconstructing her into almost a whole new Jenna. It was an illegal procedure but if it weren’t done, Jenna would most likely have died. Any parents would have made this same Calzone 2 decision for their own child, even it was legal or not. They only gave made Jenna 10% of her real self but this is better than nothing. She could have died from the accident and her parents decided to save her illegally instead of her dying. This was the best decision for Matthew and Clair Fox to make for their daughter. After the surgery Jenna didn’t have much of her memory at all.

People think that this is bad because Jenna lost nearly all of her memory. I think it was good because it gave Jenna the opportunity to find out who she actually was. It also allowed her to realize she no longer wants to only please others. This was also a very big advancement for science in the future. Without Jenna’s parents trying this and successfully completing it this may not have ever been done. They basically recreated a human using biogel. This has never been done before until Jenna. They took part of her brain and stored it in a hard drive. They then took it Calzone 3 and put it as a microchip and inserted it into her head.

This could lead to many possibilities in the future of science. They can almost program humans to do whatever they want. It could possibly lead to the perfect super race, or the dominant destructive super race of humans, depending on whose hands it gets into. The complete reconstruction of the human race could make it so people will live forever. This could totally change the world. People can program other people to do jobs for them, almost like slave robots. If it does not work where people will live forever, it will surely mean they will live a lot longer than the average human today.

This could be a big government military issue. If a leader produces an almost robot like army, he could have the most powerful force in the world. The leader could make humans with no fear and all the qualities of a perfect soldier, and possibly take over the world. This could be a very good thing for civilization or the total opposite. Calzone 4 In conclusion, it was definitely the best decision for Jenna Fox’s parents to make for her. It could cause a great advancement in the future of science too. People can live almost forever and have no problems. This could possibly cause the perfect world.

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