[Solved] animal abuse should be stopped

Imagine being abused by someone you trust and who is supposed to love you, and to make the situation worse, you can’t use your voice to cry out for help. Animal abuse is a very serious matter and it happens all over the world. Nobody really knows why animal cruelty happens. Maybe people hurt animals to get their anger out; maybe they abuse animals to look cool. Whatever the reason, no animal should ever be hit, kicked or in any way harmed by a person. There are many ways that animals are being abuse, for example they are getting hit because their owner is mad or frustrated and they are not always mad at the animal they might be mad because of their job or anything else in their life. The most common ways that animals are being abused; are when people are hoarding junk, neglecting them, dropping or throwing them, and using them in dog fights.

Pie chart that shows the different types of animal abuse.

Most animals that are abused and left out in the weather don’t know how to defend themselves because they were born into a family of humans and were taught that they are taken care of and don’t need to learn the basic animal lifestyle. So when you leave them out on their own they don’t know how to live and defend themselves. This is a big reason why we see animals all over the road. Abusing animals is just as bad as abusing humans; nobody deserves to be treated that way.

Problem and Solution

The problem is that animal abuse is happening all around the world and nobody does anything about it or can’t even tell it is happening. There are many ways people can help fight animal abuse but most just decide to ignore it. One of the ways to tell if an animal is being abused is by noticing their poor body condition or any noticeable trauma. If the animal and very underweight to were you can even see their bones then that is a sign of neglection. A animal reacts to trauma just like humans; they develop fear and anxiety disorders. They might try to escape or flee when they are scared of something.

Another sign that an animal is being abused is the lack of food, water, shelter, sanitation, being tied up or the chain is embedded into the animal’s neck. If an animal is left out in the weather with nothing to drink or eat and has to fend for themselves then you should know right away that they are not being cared for. If you see an animal being neglected you should alert the authorities as soon as you notice it.

A horse that was neglected and starving.

Animal hoarding is also another example of animal abuse. Animal hoarding is when a individual possesses more than the typical amount of pet animals. The individual is unable to provide even minimal standards of nutrition, sanitation, shelter and veterinary care, with this type of neglect the animals mostly ending in starvation, deadly illnesses, or death.

Sequence and Order

Animal cruelty usually ends up with the guilty individual going to jail.

Abusing an animal normally starts at a young age when a child is shown that hitting or “spanking” a animal is alright then they will continue thinking that as they grow. When they are older they and have a pet animal they will think of the way they grew up learning that they its ok to beat a animal. When the person gets caught they will go to jail. The normal sentence for animal abuse could range from 3 months to 3 years.

Cause and Effect

Abusing an animal not only hurts it on the outside it also hurts it on the inside. When an animal is abused, it has the effect that all people act like that. So when an animal is abused and neglected they have had trauma. When the rescuers come to get them, it is hard for them to do it because the animal has suffered from so much trauma that they can’t even stand being touched.

Compare and Contrast

Animal neglection is a part of animal abuse but there are some differences.

One difference between animal neglect and animal fighting is that for neglect it is when an animal is not taken care of at all. While animal fighting is when an animal is trained for fighting and taken care of. Even though they are taken care of they are not showed affection at all unless they win the fight.

One similarity of animal neglect and animal fighting is that they can both kill the animal. For example in dog fighting there are 2 dogs that are put into a ring and they have to fight until one can’t anymore or one dies. In animal neglect the animal is malnourished and have no shelter or sanitation. With low sanitation an animal can easily catch a disease.

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