[Solved] apple vs samsung ethical battle

An ethical issue is a problem or situation that requires that a person or organization to choose between alternatives that must be evaluated as right (ethical) or wrong (unethical). Every day we have options to make the correct or incorrect choice, based on the circumstance and appropriateness. It may be something as small as stealing gum at a liquor store, to something as big as an armed robbery at a bank.

Ethically both are wrong, and there is nothing to it. In today’s world, companies all over are required to make these choices, but while the stakes might at most be a couple thousands for us individuals, for corporations the stakes could be well up in the hundred millions. Corporate greed, is it good for America? Should corporations become more transparent? Must government be forced to intervene and come up to a solution?

I work in the electronic retail sales industry, specifically at Best Buy. We sell all sorts of gizmos and gadgets that many people find can make their lives much easier. From computers to smart phones, we pride on selling everything under one roof. Recently, I got wind of a story that man that purchased his Apple iPhone was going to sue Apple due to misleading advertisements. What were the misleading advertisements?

Well, he was going to sue based on a part of iOS (Apple’s mobile operating system) not working as depicted on tv, Siri. Siri, a new feature still in beta introduced last year, is a newly added feature to iOS that is able to communicate via voice to you and answer some of your questions. In the TV ads, the actors were able to make appointments, find restaurants, provide instructions on how to tie a tie, and even send out texts and emails just by talking, and Siri could type it out for you.

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