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The major I am currently interested in pursuing is nursing. I want to go into the medical field because I believe that it is a great way for me to give back to my community and help people who are hurt or in need. Studying medicine has become an interest of mine because of some t.v. shows that I’ve been watching. Watching t.v. shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and The Night Shift has taught me that there is a lot that can come from medicine. I have learned that medicine can bring help, health, happiness, and can help lead to families staying together. I have been looking into a couple of different schools at which I can pursue a major in nursing. Ithaca College, William Patterson, The College of New Jersey, University of Connecticut, and Rutgers University.

The school that I have chosen to pursue this major at is the University of Connecticut, which will be referred to as UConn. UConn, the main campus also known as Storrs, is located in Mansfield Connecticut; which is located just about three hours away from where I live now. Connecticut is a very rural area with a lot of cows and chickens, and although I’ve always kinda wanted to attend a college/ university that was in a city or in the suburbs I think that I would ok with studying in Connecticut. The UConn is a four-year university with over 110 majors that are offered and pursued by many of their students, and more importantly, they have a very strong nursing program. For me, Uconn would be out-of-state and tuition would start at around $35,000 for me but I am more than willing to make the travel and pay the money to be a student at such a great school. In order to be accepted in Uconn, there are few requirements that I need to meet. I need a High School Diploma, a GPA of at least 3.67, and an SAT score within the 25th to 75th percentile. In order for me to graduate from Uconn with a degree I need to have the following credits: 38 gen-ed credits, The gen-ed credits that I need to fulfill are 6 credits in Arts and Humanities, 6 credits in Social Sciences, 6-7 credits in Science & Technology, and 6 credits in Diversity & Multiculturalism. I will also need to have a total of 79 credits in nursing courses.

I was planning on going to Uconn to study nursing in hopes of becoming a Registered Nurse, or an RN. An RN is a nurse who has received an associates degree in nursing or a diploma in nursing. What this degree means is that I will be able to evaluate and record patient symptoms, help doctors during exams or surgeries, take care of peoples injuries or wounds, teach people about how to take care of themselves, review lab work, and prep patients for surgery. My overall goal is to receive a DNP or a degree as a doctor of nursing practice. From my research, I learned that Uconn offers a similar program in which I can study medicine and graduate with a dual degree. The program Uconn offers in called a Special Program In Medicine. This program will take about eight years to complete, but you will be leaving with a BA/BS and an MD. In order to participate in this program you need to meet the following requirements: A high school diploma and GPA of at least 3.5, SAT score of at least 1350, and two letters of recommendation along with a completed application to the university. It is very common in college to study a major and have a related minor; for example, some people will major in business and minor in consumer psychology at the same time. I, however, will not be doing this.

I have decided that I will just be majoring in nursing. I have already completed my 2019 application to the University of Connecticut and now I am just waiting on a response from the school. If I am accepted into the University of Connecticut I will be able to pursue a career in nursing with a very good education and a foot in the right direction for my future. When I first started doing this assignment I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in nursing, however, now I am taking a step. After completing the assignment, I realized that I am not pursuing this career for the right reasons. I want to help people whenever I can but I also want to pursue a career that will allow me to be financially stable for the rest of my life. A career in nursing is no longer something that I want to pursue for many reasons. First, nursing takes a long time to get a degree and there is a lot of work that goes into it; there is a lot of studying and things that you need to be able to memorize.

Nursing is also a field in which one needs to be able to push themselves and although I am more than willing to work for my degree and success in life I think that pursuing such a demanding field of study at this time will be a little too much for me to handle. Nursing is a career option that I believe is best pursued by people who are really committed to helping others out, and yes I think that committing your life to helping other people is an amazing thing to be able to do, but at the same time I don’t think that I am ready to do that with my life.

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