[Solved] business communication trends

Communication Trends A company’s communication levels can affect the company image. An employee’s communication level can cause confusion and other concerns among the ranks within the company. Business communication trends lead the communication levels that are used within the business industry around the world. Daily Activities Business communications and personal communications is a must in the busy life that I lead. I must make sure that within the business that my level of communication is understandable with the staff.

The communication levels that were used at past employers dealt with meetings, written and oral disciplinary actions. These areas helped when dealing with the daily management activities. Disciplinary actions were to be verbally explained before written measures were taken. Meetings were used to explain sales promotions and other company concerns to all employees. Within the personal aspect of my life, I need to be clear on the level of communication with doctors. Being a full time care giver communication is required to make sure that medications are given properly to my father.

With both business and personal activities, the message must be clear enough to be understandable and it must build good will. Daily communications with past employers and with the doctors gives certain levels of achievement that lets one know that everything was done properly. Business Trends New technology is being introduced daily into the business world. In past employers I have seen several different communication trends used to express issues within the company. Some of my past employers have used personal digital assistants (PDAs), e-mail and text messaging, job flexibility, and team work (Locker & Kienzler, 2008).

PDAs were an excellent way to let a person work from home if it is needed or they can be used for someone that is not in the office every day. E-mails became useful when the company had grown to larger numbers and were used as a way to order products or contact clients. Text messaging was just starting within the company it was used to discuss issues between the warehouse and the sales department without making the trip inside or to the office. Text messaging also became more personal then job related. Job flexibility was implemented to help those that were on leave of absence or those with sick children. Team work was used mainly in the warehouse when filling orders that needed to be shipped out on the same day of the order. It was also used when doing inventory counts and so forth. Team work was also promoted by the owner of the company. The motto had become that a team was the family away from home and everyone worked together to help when it was needed. It is what made the end results justify the means of the situation at hand was how the owner looked at it. Results of Trends

The results of business trends were something that was not expected to begin with. The messages that were received had sometimes become confusing when the communications and trends did not function together like a team. Sometimes messages were taken the wrong way or misunderstood by the person receiving the message. The messages that were received often did not pertain to the person that received them or they were worded the wrong way. This made it hard for the owner to maintain a company that functioned as a whole.

When dealing with a confusing message team members were to look at the message and make sure that the message was for them or if it was meant for someone else. If meant for them more information was then gathered to understand the message without mistaking it for something else. Managers were required to do periodical testing to make sure that they were organizing the information properly and that the information was given to the proper teams. Within the business communication trends that are seen in the medical field make the information that is being given up to date and current with the patient and doctors.

Conclusion Over the years and several past employers business communication trends have proven to be part of the future in businesses around the world. Small businesses function with degrees of the business trends as well. As stated in the opening statements business communication trends can affect the level that a company functions at. Business communication trends can also hurt a company if not used properly within the company. Reference Locker, K. O. & Kienzler, D. A. (2008). Business and administrative communication (8th Ed. ). McGraw-Hill Companies. Retrieved on July 17, 2009 from the University of Phoenix.

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