[Solved] business communications trends paper

Business Communications Trends Paper Salonyia Fisher University of Phoenix Current trends in business communications is constantly changing on a daily basis. There are ten trends in business that affect business communication. Technology changes rapidly and in different forms.

The different Types of technology increases. Television, radio, Internet and video games are different forms of media that affects some form of all of our lives at some point. The number of hours that is spent with media access is expected to rise in the upcoming future years. In the business world technology provides instant communication and llows for easy access.

Businesses quickly tend to adopt new forms of technology, that can enhance the experience of workers. New software programs and devices are always coming onto the market that can potentially help businesses. Some of the programs that are introduced into the businesses has to be taught to their employees through training programs, so the employees will have knowledge on how to operate the programs or devices. Popular websites, personal digital assistants, portable media players and telepresences are some of the most popular devices that are used n the workplace.

Many organizations are using these forms of technology. Customer satisfaction has been getting better since it had declined in the late 1990’s. This has been real good for businesses. Higher levels of customer satisfaction increases stronger sales and business performance.

Entrepreneurship has become so popular that business schools offer training courses, internships, or programs that helps show how to run a business. Entrepreneurs handle the communication in the organization. Teamwork is an important trend in businesses and the organizations are etting more work done through the use of the teams. Teamwork allows people to show their different strengths, decision making, opinions and problem solving skills.

Teamwork is working with other people rather than working alone and team members are able to motivate the team. Diversity is important to businesses because it puts in place the ability for people to be able to work with other people that may come from all sorts of different backgrounds. “Women, people of color and immigrants have always been part of the US Workforce. ” But many people only felt they could only do certain jobs such s clerical work or domestic jobs, they rarely worked in Management positions.

In the global economy the imports and exports are changing in the business world. Many businesses are outsourcing their customer service, accounting, legal and manufacturing around the world. Going outside of the company for products and services is often a better solution. The company is usually put in a better position to save money and gets better services.

According to Thomas Friedman, “ the accountant who wants to stay in business in America will be the one who focuses n designing creative, complex strategies…It means having quality time discussion with clients. ” Legal fees can cost millions of dollars each year for businesses. Companies have to go through great lengths to protect their businesses from lawsuits. Many times companies can reduce lawsuits by allowing the parties to determine policies to put in place.

Companies are trying to become more family friendly. The employees are being offered flexible schedules, time off and personal breaks such as FMLA. Job flexibility is also becoming increasingly helpful in the business world due to people eing able to do more than one specific job. Business communication plays many roles in day to day activities.

The business trends are used at some point on a daily basis. In any organization creating a successful business that will generate money is the ultimate goal, hiring great management teams, successful employees is the best way to to ensure great customer satisfaction. In any company customer satisfaction is one of the most important aspects of the organization. In an organization if they show that their employees are an important part of the company and appreciated it makes the employees work harder to complete their asks and work together.

I have seen all of the discussed business trends in each of my previous workplaces. Technology is a growing field and the companies are always trying to keep up with the latest technology to be able to compete on the same level with other companies. In my last place of employment they worked hard to come up with a benefit package that would include a substantial amount of time off, sick time, vacation time and personal days. They also offered the employees vacation time and personal time that was determined by the amount of time, we ere employed with the company and the amount of hours worked.

We were also given the opportunity to have access to a gym, which has become important in part because of the health crisis that we are in. More and more people want to be healthier but don’t have the time because of the hours that we work, so by having an onsite gym, it was easier access. Business communications plays a large role in the business world and utilizing each of the business trends will help create successful organizations. Reference: Business and Administrative Communication, Eighth Edition

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