[Solved] college athletes should be getting paid

Julius Peppers was a college athlete for the University of North Carolina he in his collegiate time at the university he was an athlete for the football and the basketball team, but he just wasn’t any average player he was the star player of the football team and one of the top players on the basketball team. He also stayed at the university for all 4 years and won many awards and games for the university. If you take that into factor he played for 4 years for both football and basketball and being a star player people wanted to watch him so he helped the university and the NCAA bring in a lot of money over his four years but he did not see any of that money that he had made for the university and that is why college athletes should be paid. College athletes should be paid because of how much money they are bringing into the schools they attend and money into the NCAA, they spend so much of their time on their sport and it is basically their job and if they were paid, they would be able to learn how to balance their money.

College athletes should be getting paid for playing college athletics. They commit to the college they are going to go to out of high school and yeah that is going to give them a scholarship which on average for a division 1 scholarship is about twenty five thousand dollars for a singular year and a total of one hundred thousand for four years but that ends up covering all the fees for your class books and your living situations and your meal plans at the schools. A lot of college athletes go to the college they chose for only a couple years and transfer to get into a better situation which they then lose their scholarship (Hartnett). These kids play games for their school and bring lots of money into the school and the NCAA. Not all these kids are going to go to the NFL or the NBA, so they deserve to be paid a little bit for the money they bring in. The NCAA is a billion-dollar business and brings in millions of dollars and the NCAA signed a 10.8-billion-dollar deal with the CBS company to air the march madness games which are only on a couple weeks of the year ( Anderson). So, CBS is paying the NCAA to air the games that are only on a couple weeks of the year so that means if the payed the NCAA that much money they must be bringing in lots of money. So those players that are playing in that tournament helped the NCAA make that much money because if the kids didn’t play there would be no tv deal with the CBS channel. Also, recently the BCS (which is college football) got paid by ESPN to air the football games and it was worth five hundred million dollars (Wilbon). Who would argue against the fact of paying the players who make these games possible to watch and entertain them on the tv?

Also these college athletes that are very popular in any college sport, all of these little young kids or even older kids that like to watch these kids play on tv if they eventually meet them or see them or just want to get an autograph of them the college athlete cant sell any of his things for money like his autograph or taking pictures with a lot of people they cant make money off of that because it is against the NCAA rules for some reason which is really dumb (Martinez).

In the NCAA the colleges have many sports programs like soccer and lacrosse and all those other less earning revenue teams, but they should still be paid, but since they don’t bring in as much revenue as the other bigger sports like basketball and football, they should be paid less money than the other higher revenue sports teams.

As I was saying earlier the NCAA signed that large billion dollar deal with the CBS tv channel but colleges that are in the NCAA also bring in large amounts of money by having these games they make a lot of money from the ticket sales and then they sell food and drinks at the games which will also bring in a decent amount of money and then add in they also sell team apparel which will also bring in a lot of money to their schools. They also take in a lot of donations from a lot people some of them are small and some may be big, the people who donate may be big supporters of the team or may have played for the team in previous years and still love their team.

There should also be a little bonus to the players and the staff of the team and the coaches if the team manages to win the national championship because if you win that then that means you are the top of all the colleges and if you’re the best team in the country your school is probably making more money than all the other colleges because people want to watch that team play because they are really good. So then if the team is good then the team gets good recruits to come to the school so you will be good the next year to and you will continue to keep making a lot of money. It is rare for a team to even make the tournament to win the national championship so if you can make it into that tournament and win, everybody who was apart of that team deserves a little more money. Plus, if you win the national championship that means you will have played the most games in the country and the more games that the team plays the more revenue, they bring in. And if the team is good every year and makes it far in the tournament then they just continue to make a lot of money. And that should be the same for all sports.

These athletes put their bodies on the line every game and every time they practice, they could end up possibly injuring their bodies and seriously get hurt. So, if they end up getting seriously hurt that could potentially, so then their sports career may be ruined, and their scholarship is gone, and they won’t be making big money in the professionals like everyone thinks they would be making.

The NCAA executives make about one million dollars a year (Peebles). And many coaches make around one hundred thousand dollars a year for their salary. The players do not need to make that much money a year but a monthly salary of a some amount a money to the players would be fair to them because if these players didn’t play all of the coaches, NCAA workers, and all other people in the business would not be able to get paid and the NCAA is supposed to be considered a non profit organization so all of the money it is making they could easily be able to pay the college athletes a certain monthly payment.

College athletes spend a lot of their time in being a college athlete is basically already their job they don’t have much time for anything else to get like another job and maybe make some extra cash because they don’t have any free time. They wake up in the morning and probably go to a workout or go lifting and after that they probably go to their classes throughout the day and after all their classes are over then they have practice. Practice is going to take at least two hours also and by the time they get done with that it will be later in the night about six o’clock. But that isn’t the end of their day then they also go back to their dorm rooms and work on their homework that they got earlier in the day or study for an upcoming test that they may have to take. Depending on the place also there are sometimes mandatory study halls the coaches make their students go to after practices also.

As you can see an athlete’s day is a pretty tight schedule and they have a lot to handle. So, all this scholarship money that they are making is only going toward their schooling and their books and sorts of things like that. But what about the other things they need like clothing and gas for their car and a little extra spending money to use when they want to go out and have a little bit of fun with their friends. They don’t have any money for things like that and they do not have any time to try and get a job because their schedule is to tight, they don’t have much free time. Even if one of the athletes does have a job, they will more than likely must stop working there when the season starts because they will have to be traveling so much with the team and making the team and the NCAA money for playing in the games.

These athletes are spending a lot of time and energy on these athletics. The athletes are very dedicated to their athletics they spend countless hours training and practicing and bettering themselves at what they do, and they all have great worth ethics.

People think that these kids that are playing at these colleges are all just going to go and play professional athletics and end up becoming million-dollar people and not having to worry about money problems. But that is not necessarily true, yes some of these athletes go on to the big leagues and make big money but a lot of these kids end up just graduating from college with nothing for all the work they put into their program and all the money they had helped earn for the schools.

College athletes should be paid because if they were, they would then be able to start to understand how to handle large amounts of money and how to properly use it and not blow it all away and waste it. Now, if they were paying these kids a certain monthly payment for playing, they could then learn how to manage it and they took also take a class at their schools on how to handle their money or maybe even how to take their money and invest it into something that is going to help them make more money over time.

A lot of people think that the athletes go to college and then go to the pros and end up making the big bucks and not worrying about money any more. Yes, that is true that some kids are lucky enough to be very good and go to the pros and make lots of money but, when you give a young kid million’s of dollars they are going to make some bad decisions with the money and buy some things they don’t need. So, paying them at a young age and help them manage it earlier hopefully it would end up helping them. Also, there are a decent amount of pros that actually end up going bankrupt after being a pro and they waste all of their money because they did not know how to spend their money properly and they ended up buying things they did not need or maybe ended up gambling it all away but if we taught these kids on how to spend their money wisely the chances of them ending up bankrupt and out of money are a lot lower if they learned how to manage it in their early college years.

Allen Iverson was one of the great basketball players in the NBA everyone wanted to watch him because he was so good but when his career came to and end his net worth was about one hundred and fifty million dollars well after a while, he end up going bankrupt. He had all that money and still went bankrupt because he didn’t know how to mange his money right. The only reason that he has money now is because he had signed with a shoe company and they had 30 million dollars saved away for the athlete that wore their sneakers and apparel and that is the only reason he is not broke today is because he got lucky and got unexpected money.

College athletes should be paid because of how much money they are bringing into the schools they attend and money into the NCAA, they spend so much of their time on their sport and it is basically their job and if they were paid, they would be able to learn how to balance their money.

College athletes need to be paid because of all the money that they bring into the college athletics and into the NCAA for the games that they play. Also, they spend all their time in the athletics, and it is basically their job, so they need to get paid a monthly salary. And If the athletes were paid, they could learn how to manage all their money so they would not go bankrupt.

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