[Solved] community service paper

There are many ways to do community services. There are many reasons to do it too. Some people think that community service is only for people who got in trouble when in reality it is for anybody who wants to help their community. Some people don’t understand the impact cleaning up garbage or volunteering can have on their town or community. Cleaning up garbage is only one thing that is possible to be done when doing community service. It impacts the community itself because with less garbage your community looks better. It also impacts the ecosystems within the community because less garbage means there is less items that animals can get hurt. As i said there are many ways a person can contribute to their community that can impact the life within the community. In this essay i will be going through the many possible ways to do community services that not only will impact the environment but also people’s lives.

Garbage clean up. Garbage clean up can be one major way to help out your community. It can help out by cleaning up the environment that our kids and our pets play in within the town. Cleaning the streets of garbage could possibly stop people from littering more. The clean street could discourage people from throwing stuff out of their car windows because they want to see the street stay clean. This is a well known way to complete a community service. A community clean up is a big thing that can benefit everybody in many ways.

Volunteering at a hospital. This can help out the nurses and give them some relief off their shoulders. You probably won’t be able to stick needles in someone or perform surgery but you might be able to help out bathing people or cleaning up rooms. There’s always something to do in the hospital and if there isn’t you could always be there for moral support. By moral support im talking about for the patients. Im sure you could make at least one person’s day better by just talking to them while they are laying down in a hospital bed. There are some people who can feel better and be happier by someone else just saying “i’m praying for you” or “i hope you feel better”. There are many things to do with people and hospitals that could change a life or someone’s life for a day.

I like the idea of going to children’s hospitals and cheering up children. If you can start a fundraiser and collect money then go on and buy teddy bears or balloons thats could possibly make a few peoples day no doubt. I think going and being entertainment to kids who have gotten hurt or have cancer could possibly give a child a smile for a while and that’s what counts. There’s a lot of ways you can give entertainment to kids. You could always just dress up as a superhero and walk around to see them and for a lot of kids that would be amazing. If you can get a surplus of teddy bears and take them to unsuspecting children in the hospital they will appreciate it and it could possibly give them hope to make it through whatever the circumstances they are going through.

Donate! Donations are always a good way to help communities. If you start a donation drive or you just donate yourself you could help out a lot of people. You could donate clothes and they could end up going to homeless people when its cold, or, you could donate them and they will go to veterans that can’t afford clothes. No matter what your donating it will always have a positive impact on the community. I like donating to veterans. Veterans went to war fighting for our freedom and then come home with things like PTSD and messed up from the things they saw at war. Not all of them can get jobs when they come back either so they become homeless and that’s not right. These men and women went overseas battling with other countries just to come home and live on the streets with no help. That’s why i donate to them because they deserve better.

There are many ways to donate for example, foods. You could donate canned goods and foods that do not go bad to shelters. The homeless people who do not have the money to buy food or even people who have homes and do not have the income to get the food they need. Food is always a good route to go when donating to people who are in need of necessities. Donating food could affect someone’s life for the best there are so many malnutritioned people out in this world right now that could use a donation or help in some form. Food could also help people that are not around your community but all the way across the country.

Donate to doggies! Donating to your local animal shelter could be an outstanding way to donate. You could go to your shelter and donate your time and help the doggie nurses or caretakers with whatever they need assistance with. You could end up going just to walk or feed the dogs which is a great reward for you doing your community service. The downside of going to help with dogs is cleaning up after them it happens so there is no getting out of it. Another thing you could do is start a fund raiser or a donation drive within the community for the animal shelter. You could raise money or have people bring in dog products that could help assist the caretakers of the dogs. Even the smallest thing like flea collars or identification tags could help a sufficient amount. Toys and treats are always good to donate too because without toys the dogs would get bored and without treats the dogs would never know whos a good boy. Leashes can also be a good thing to donate because without leashes how are the dogs going to get outside time and socialized.

Blankets. Blankets can be donated for a lot of reasons. They can be donated to homeless shelters or even dog shelters for the puppies and young dogs. Blankets can provide warmth in the winter for people who do not have homes to warm themselves up. Blankets can be given out to help a lot of people out for a very low cost. Blankets can be used as cover on hot days for the homeless people also. There is so many uses for blankets in the world that donating money for them or buying a vast amount of them could make a lot of people and animals happy and warm. It is the thought that counts when giving out things to homeless people because most of them appreciate anything you give them. My brother carries packages of crackers and water so when he drives by someone he will hand them out so that they can eat. A lot of them will say that’s the only meal or snack they have had all day and are extremely grateful. Handing out food could possibly save a life too. You never know when the last time the person has ate or the last meal they have had. Being grateful and giving food can help change someone’s life for the day and is a very good way to give back to your community.

Giving time at local places is also a good way to do the services. Going to your local soup kitchens and donating your time to handing out soup and other food to homeless people. If you go to a soup kitchen you will stand behind a table with a ladle and scoop up soup and pour it into the bowls for the homeless or people who need the food to survive. With these people come and line up to get food and i believe in some cases the kitchens also give shelters for the night. We need more ways in the world to handle the amount of homelessness in our towns and cities. The smallest amount of stuff you can do is always going to be appreciated.

Organizing blood drives is always a good choice. Blood drives can be organized through local hospitals or certain organizations that will specifically do blood drives. The point of a blood drive would be to donate blood for people who need blood for transfusions. This could help a lot of people who also have been in bad accidents and have lost a bunch of blood. Donating blood does not only help your community but it can help anybody anywhere. One pint of blood can save up to three lives. Depending on what your blood type is you personally could help out more people if you have a blood type like mine which is O+. O+ is compatible with all blood types except for a couple. Blood drives are just a great way to possibly save a whole lot of people who really need it.

A great way to help the community you live in is a neighborhood watch system. Depending on the community you live in your neighborhood may not be the best out there. It is not a safe place to raise kids and live when there are people commiting crimes all around you. Not only does it make your community look bad but it also can affect the way your kids grow up. I say this because if a child grows up seeing crime all around them they will think it is acceptable to grow up and do the same thing. It also lets the child know that there is a safe person within the community that they can go to if anything bad is going on or happens. Not all people are bad getting rid of the bad seeds will improve that and one bad seed does not affect the whole community but the outlook on the community as a whole. Not only will it improve how your community is seen by the public but it will also make the police officers jobs easier. A neighborhood watch system is basically just people who watch to make sure nothing shady is going on within the town. If someone does see something going on they can alert the police and the police will respond as quickly as possible. Not only does the watch system look out for bad things but they also can look out for stray animals and alert the local shelters to assist them in finding the owners of the stray. A system like this is an excellent way to protect the community and the young generations we are raising to go big places in life.

Sometimes community service and be the most simple things like painting. Painting benches in the parks around your town can make the parks look alot better same goes with graffiti on the buildings. Not all graffiti is bad sometimes it can look really sweet actually but when it comes to gang affiliations it can make your town look like a bad place. So going around with paint and repainting walls or buildings that have obscene or vulgar depictions on it can really change the outlook on your community. Even if it just fences that look worn down a little paint can go a long way. Repainting your community is one step to completely change the way your community looks.

Helping fix up the community is another good way to do the services. Fixing up run down parks and making them more safe children and adding handicap accessibility for all children to enjoy. A clean safe park is a place where children can go to enjoy a nice day without the parents worrying about what their children is going to find on the side of the park or in the weeds. Also a clean park can have an affect on the kids lives as they grow up if the park has a basketball court. Sports can be a big part of a kids life. Not only can sports take kids places by giving scholarships but can also be a deterrent from street life or getting in trouble. Fixing run down parks can also give people space and a nice area to have birthday parties or even graduation parties.

Teach home alone safety classes to children. Teaching a home alone safety class can be beneficial to kids and parents. If your child is home alone and someone knocks on the door you never know what your child will do. We rely on telling our kids to not answer the door unless they are told to but not all kids can keep that within their memories all the time. A home alone safety course could possibly prevent anything bad happening to our future community members. It could also teach our children the safety of what to do if something bad does happen when they are alone at home.

You could always teach your dogs to become service dogs. Not the service dogs that cops use but the kind you take to old folk homes. Training a dog to help people who can not always help themselves is a very noble thing. It is not too hard to turn your dog into a certified service dog that you can take to hospitals. The effects a puppy can have on older people or sick people is incredible. They can make someone’s mood a lot more happy. It could be very therapeutic to someone just to have a dog’s presence.

Plant a tree to grow some local nature. Planting trees could be good for the local community because a tree could have a substantial amounts of places for the wild life to live in. A tree can be a host for bird feeders also which people can watch to see the different types of birds that live in your area. There are people who have bird watching as a hobby. Seeing the different types of birds that live in your area can put your mind in a different perspective if say something is not going right in life. There is just so many possibilities within a community that birds can help with. With bird houses the birds can have a safe place to go during storms also.


Now that i have explained many possibilities and options on how to do the community service let us speak on how it benefits your community. Community service benefits the community by creating a better image of the community. Not only creating a better image but creating a safer place for you and your family to grow up in. No matter what there will never be a perfect society and a perfect town that is completely safe for everyone. It is impossible to create a place where bad people and bad news. Community services can help create an image of what a decent society is for the future members of the community. A better looking community could also bring in more people from out of town which intern will bring more customers to our local businesses. More customers means more needs for jobs that our local teens could get to use to keep them off the streets and keep them out of trouble.

Not only will community service benefit the community but it also will benefit the person doing the services. I say this because helping out within your community can create a sense of good deeds and make someone happier about themselves. Doing something good for the community also gives you a reputation within the community. People will know you as that person that goes out and helps out others inside of the community. You could also put your community services on your resume so that your future employers will know that they dont have just some random joe that just has job experience, instead they will see someone that will benefit their business. Affecting the community in good ways can look good for a person in many different manners. I think that having some community service experience on your resume could help people get jobs and start making their way to a better future and set good examples of what you can come from.

For the question in hand “whats is a community service project that I think would be beneficial for the Coraopolis / Neville island community” that’s where all the projects i stated come in. I believe that any of the projects that I stated could be highly beneficial. I say these things because i see first hand what happens within the town. There is many more ways I can think of to help out the community but I have enough examples to get to the point. Coraopolis is very far from a perfect down but at the blink of an eye it would look like a decent area. I think these projects could be a possibility if someone wanted to sit down with the community leaders and actually discuss the benefits of the formally stated projects that i have come up with in this essay. If nobody takes action then nothing will change for the better. If someone actually planned these projects out and took action to get them completed i think the Coraopolis and Neville Island community would be a more decent place to live. We have good school and good sports that is about all Coraopolis has going for it there are so many things that would happen in this town to create a nicer safer community for our kids to grow up around.

The problem in Coraopolis is everybody thinks they are big and bad and think its cool to do stupid and illegal stuff. If we could get these kids to focus more on school then the street and what happens in the street we could make a successful future for some of them. If I could do any community service I would ask to just have a talk with one younger person in the community and just have a conversation about futures and what is going to happen after they get out of school and the real world kicks in. Reality of it is school is just to gain knowledge of what the world used to be. School is great for futures and you can gain a lot of knowledge.

If there was one thing i could change it would be i should have paid more attention in school and focused more on grades. I would not change the fact that this is my last year of highschool but that is only because of my future and what it holds for me. I already have plans for my future and the plans are set in action all i need is that piece of paper that says i have completed 12 years of schooling.

In order for me to complete some of the projects I suggested I will speak to the mayor of the towns and try to get him to help me set up some of these projects. Nothing is perfect and I do not expect to change the whole town and how it is viewed but if I can change the younger generations thoughts of the community I could possibly change a small portion of the town. If I could do that then my goals of helping out the community for the better would be accomplished.

In conclusion I believe that there would be many ways to complete a community service project list. I think that if any of the projects I provided could and would possibly change a lot about the community and the outlook of the people within the community. I believe if we just cleaned up a bit that we could have a lot more importance to our community. When you serve your community it makes to be a safer happier area that people will want to visit and enjoy with the local people that live in the community. Community service can also create a stronger bond between the locals.

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