[Solved] culture shifts within the u s

Before there was racial equality, black and whites were separated. Jim Crow Laws that said, “Separate but equal,” were not equal at all. Whites during the 20th-century had more rights than their opposing black counterpart. Because of this, people sought to change. Blacks no longer wanted to be oppressed. Brave individuals such as Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, John Lewis, along with so many more, helped to ignite the spark. Throughout the decades, racial inequality became less and less. In today’s society, the subject of racial inequality is still controversial. However, the events that led up to today showed what American citizens can do. That the oppressed refused to be the oppressed. They stood up and faced their problems. The oppressed will not remain the oppressed.

Culture during the 50 undergoes A monumental change. Brown v. The Board of Education paved the way for A turning point in the ways race was perceived in the U.S. Before this case, Jim Crow Laws enforced racial segregation. Blacks were tired of conforming to the way society was treating them. Since the courts ruled that “Separate but equal” facilities violated the Fourteenth Amendment, more and more people of color spoke up. This event in history leads to the Civil Rights Act, in 1964. Blacks were now allowed into schools, but the mix of races was still unhappy. Racial segregation was still scatted throughout the U.S. The Civil Rights Act made it so that discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin is prohibited. Any person can pursue happiness without the punishment of others.

A year before the Civil Rights Act in 1964, Martin Luther King Jr. wrote in the Birmingham Jail, “ Let us all hope that the dark clouds of racial prejudice will soon pass away and the deep fog of misunderstanding will be lifted from our fear drenched communities, and in some not too distant tomorrow the radiant stars of love and brotherhood will shine over our great nation with all their scintillating beauty.”(King, 1963) These words fill the hearts of the people with inspiration. Martin Luther King Jr. gave confidence to all who thought there was still racial injustice in America. The Civil Rights Act led to Title IX in 1972. The U.S. Department of Justice defines these amendments as, “A comprehensive federal law that prohibits discrimination in any federally funded education program or activity.”(DJ) These two historic events in The U.S. are very similar because before all of this there was racial inequality. With the occurrence of these events in A the small time span of just ten years, now black can not only go to school, but whites are now being accepting of this into the culture.

For what is to come in the ’80s, some people were still skeptical. However, people in the 70’s witnessed that racial equality had drastically improved. As to what people might have predicted for what was to come, some believed that racial inequality would get worse, while others believed it would get better. Looking back on what has already transpired, blacks would get better jobs. They would get actual freedom. Most importantly, however, they would find solace in what they fought for. Struggles such as these add to America’s history. As previously stated, no nation is perfect. There will always be some form of segregation between races within the United States. However, the tremendous strides that the American people have taken, influenced the 80’s culture.

America has faced some troubling times. There have been laws, wars, and marches to speak up for those who were oppressed. People like Martin Luther King Jr. showed the American people that oppressed people cannot remain oppressed forever. Malcolm X demonstrated that people will fight for what is right. Rosa Parks was fed up with conforming to society. These American influencers, along with many more, are historic proof that there was A massive culture change within the U.S. The culture shifts from the ‘60s, ‘70s, and into the ‘80s that all played A huge role into creating A “new America.”

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