[Solved] definition of teamwork essay

Teamwork can be defined as: unifying the vision of a group of individuals who have the desire to cooperate to achieve a specific goal, or a set of goals, so that no individual can achieve this goal alone, and it is also: bringing together the strengths and individual skills that a group of people possesses to achieve Specific task also, teamwork is a group of people cooperating together and that cooperation aims to achieve a specific goal, and teamwork increases in blessing and strength, and this is one of the stories about teamwork, Ahmed was born, and he was short, and he was complaining about his short stature and tried in several ways to increase From his height until he entered a gym and began playing exercises for a whole year and eat vitamins to increase his height, but in the end his length increased only a few centimeters and after a period of time he met with one of his friends and his friend Nawaf was tall, and they wanted to go for a walk after that they should to return home, and when they arrive home Ahmed’s mother said I want you to go to the supermarket to buy things for the house, and he decided go to the supermarket with his friend Nawaf and during they arrive, Nawaf decide to distribute the work between them until they finish shopping quickly Nawaf go to buy vegetables and Ahmed go to buy cheese and fruits and while they were shopping Ahmed saw a packet of cookies and wanted to buy them but could not get them because far away At the top of the shelf, he was jumping to get it, but he couldn’t get it. While he jumped, his friend Nawaf saw him and came quickly and carried him on his shoulders and then managed to get a box of cookies after helping his friend and thanked Ahmed for his behavior and said I have a friend equal to several centimeters after I don’t need To do exercises to increase my height because i have a friend who can help me when I need. This was a saving of time and effort which helped them to finish early buying their household items, and this is evidence of teamwork and its importance, and we conclude several important things in this story.

First, doing team work in a team that aims to achieve a common goal or a set of goals increases the efficiency of work and work is accomplished faster by distributing responsibilities among the team members, each according to its specialization. It facilitates the process of solving problems, as there are many individuals who work together to solve the dilemma in the work environment or outside it.

Second, raising morale. Teamwork in a unified team makes members of one team feel affiliated and deeply committed to each other and to the common goal for which they work in the team.

Third, teamwork helped to save a lot of time and effort to finish completing the project or work.

Fourth, developing a sense of union and friendship as it helps increase contact between members.

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