[Solved] do the right thing

Do the Right Thing “Wake up! Wake up! Up you wake! ” 108FM Senor LoveDaddy starts it all off with a good morning and the weather “Today’s temperature’s gonna rise up over 100 degrees. ” Brooklyn, New York, a town with Koreans, Jews, Italians, whites, and a lot of blacks seem to be living to together just fine. Yet in such a small town who would have ever guessed that problems this big could ever occur about such a simple thing, race. In this multi-ethnic community the thought of others being racist gets completely out of hand causing riots, violence, and even loss of people in the town.

Doing what you believe may not always be simple to do and everyone may not agree with you but one should always remember to do the right thing. In this movie Buggin’ out, Mookie, and Sal did what they believed but in some cases this does not mean they actually did the right thing. Buggin’ out is an example of a black man that thinks every person that isn’t black is racist. He is the start of all the drama in the movie. First he starts a fight with Sal about how there are no photo’s of black people on the wall at Sal’s. “Yo, Sal, we’re gonna boycott your fat pasta ass. This is the starting tension of racism, all because of Buggin’. He starts trying to get people to help boycott Sal’s and nobody agrees until radio decides to. Buggin’ also starts trouble when a white guys scuffs up his shoes with his bike when it was simply an accident. He really blew that out of proportion. Finally Buggin’ finds someone to boycott Sal’s, Radio. They both go in there and the all start screaming and fighting. If Buggin’ out didn’t worry about how Sal decorated his restaurant there would have been so much peace in the movie. Most of the anger and hate came from what Buggin’ said and did.

Radio wouldn’t have died and the entire riot wouldn’t have begun if Buggin’ just shut his mouth like mookie told him too. Buggin’ out should have done the right thing by listening to Mookie’s advice. Mookie is an irresponsible man that lives with his older sister. He has a girlfriends and a son that he does not live with and works at Sal’s pizzeria to make money so he can eventually live on his own. Throughout “Do the Right Thing” Mookie just worries about himself and what is good for him. Above all he worries about keeping his job and tries keeping things calm so that his friends do not ruin that for him.

Mookie is a great example of someone that did the right thing. Mookie tries to keep peace with Sal and even though his words may not be the right thing to say at time his actions keep things at Sal’s peaceful. At the end of the movie one of Mookie’s close friends radio gets killed and the black are all going crazy. The police leave and Mookie picks up a trash can and throws it into the window of the pizzeria. Mookie does the right thing because this was done to protect Sal from getting kill by the enraged people in the town.

If Mookie decided to just walk away from the crowd and just go home the crowd would have probably taken out their anger on Sal and his sons which would have ruined everything for mookie getting his money and still having Sal as a friend. He made the right choices throughout the movie. Lastly, Sal is just a simple Italian man just trying to make money and have a good business. He does what is right in his mind and it has not caused him any problems so far. Sal just wants to be respected by everyone that comes into his pizzeria. Sal is willing to fight with anyone otherwise.

When Buggin’ out starts talking about how there are no “brothers” on the wall Sal simply says that its his restaurant and he can decorate as he pleases. He doesn’t have anything against black people that’s just how his pizzeria is set up. Sal does the right thing by trying to keep the peace with his sons, Mookie, and everyone that eats at his pizzeria. He does the right thing throughout the movie until he breaks Radio’s radio. Though Sal just went with his instincts to prove a point he should have known that could have started a fight.

If Sal just but up the pictures of the “brothers” all of the fighting wouldn’t have even happened but Sal did what he believed by leaving it how he wanted. Overall Sal just worried about his business and did the right thing through out the movie. In conclusion, Buggin’ out, Mookie, and Sal all did what they thought was right but in the end it did things that affected everyone around them in good and bad ways. Doing the right thing is defined in my eyes as doing what you were taught to do. It’s also something that you wouldn’t get in trouble for because your doing what is best from what you learned from you life.

It is always tough to make the right decisions in life due to the fact that others may not agree with what you think or even make fun of you. When I do what I think is right I always feel better afterwards even if my friends say something mean about it. I don’t care what people say and if I know it is the right thing to do and I won’t get in trouble in the end I know I did the right thing. “Violence ends by defeating itself. It creates bitterness in the survivors and brutality in the destroyers. ” “I am not against using violence in self-defense. I don’t even call it violence when it’s self-defense, I call it intelligence. ”

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