[Solved] empathy is essential for patient recovery

As I worked in ICU department for over two years, we were taught to help people be well, get well and stay well. I went to work every day with same motive to provide best care to patients and importantly to their family who’s been going through a lot seeing their loved one in the ICU department. This video reminded me of how all the ICU team including nurses, doctors and tech look after the patients with so much care and listen to their need attentively. Watching this video brought back memories from work, refreshed my perspective on life and how we need to be considerate of other people not just in hospital setting but also outside of it.

With showing empathy and smiling to patient it may not cure the illness but at least it will give the satisfaction that someone a stranger care about their wellbeing. We should take time when in hospital to ponder what other person is going through because everyone no matter how frustrating they may be, they have their own story, and some are even greater than ours. We should not only remember our own family member when they get sick to treat them with respect but also our patients, no matter how stressed, overworked we fell and tired we should always put them first. One thing I believe can jeopardies in coming years is cost of health care as its increasing and hospitals are not being fully compensated which can undermine patient care.

This video is good reminder for all of us in a hospital that we are all human and circumstances does happen, and we should always be there with patients to make them feel calm and put them as our first priorities. It’s really sad to see as a society we no longer value others as much as ourselves. One good deed and kind word can changer one person like in ways we cannot imagine. Among the character caught my eye as I watched the video was this guy laying on the bed, was from 7,000 miles from home.

It’s our health care worker responsibility to provide them with quality of care. This video about empathy & companionate should be made mandatory for all the health care worker to watch and realized that we need to put our patient first in all circumstances even if we are having a terrible day. Having empathy, understanding and compassionate can come long way of treating patients, giving them sense of hope and helping them as you want to be treated which can huge difference in the health care.

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