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While carrying her baby boy, she walksthrough the entrance of the house of her former Sefiora and meet his former young master,Tito,and the Sefiora. Upon getting inside the house, Senora asks her some questions how her marriedlife is together with his Bagobo husband and also how is it to be a mother of a baby boy. Theirconversation continues and they reach to the point of talking about the tractor drivers of Seora,especially the one who was good, Amado. After that, Tinang finally tells her former Senora about her intention of being there.

Thebaptism of her baby is about to come and she wants Senora to be a Madrina or a Ninang to herchild. The relationship between Tinang and her former Senora with her family remains good. And so, Senora hastily agreed to be so and yet wants to provide baptismal clothes for the babyand the fee for the Priest. Before she left from Senora house, she was told by her that there is a letter for her in the drugstore, which also serves as the post office of the barrio. By that moment,she thought that someone might be dead or maybe that letter comes from her sister.

So shehurriedly takes her way home and passes by that drugstore to get the letter. As she continues walking in a uddy road to her way home, she tries to look for a placewhere she could lay down her baby, hoping that she could read the letter before she arriveshome. Finally, she finds a good place where she can stop for a while. There is a Kamansi treeand under of it are scattered cornhusks. So, she prepares a heap Of it using her foot and laid herbaby upon it. Then, she Starts reading the letter.

After doing so, she finds out that the letter is alove letter, her first love letter, which comes from Amado, her boyfriend, saying that he does not want to break up with her when he left from the field of Senora without elling the reason why hedid so. Time cannot be back anymore. It is already too late that she discovers that Amado stillloves her. However, she w as not informed that his mother?s worst illness made him gone forsome time. Instead, Tinang marry a Bagobo man, whom owns 2 hectares of land.

After all, whatshe does is only to remember her past with Amado until the time comes when she has to leaveupon noticing that a snake is sneaking towards her baby boy. In the end, she leaves the placewithout noticing that her first love letter fell down among the cornhusks. REACTION Aida Rivera Ford, according to my research, has lived with her husband in their largefarm in Davao, the place where I live as well. In connection to this, the short story of ?Love inthe CornhusksD is somehow related with her life like its barrio-setting and the characteristics ofthe Characters as well.

Perhaps, the main character is a woman based on the fact that the writerof this short story is a woman too. The story is very simple, easy to understand and yet realistic. It begins in a situationwhere the main character, Tinang, starts her day as she visits her Senora with a good vibe thatshifted to a ifferent one lately. With a little similarity with t he ?TelenovelasCl shown in television, this story shows that a lowly one, a nanny and a barrio girl, can be its main character,whom is experiencing twists in her life.

However, compared to Telenovelas, she did notexperience some kinds of abuses nor having an enemy in her life because the story is stressingnot on these matters but on how decisions a person does could affect his or her entire life. The author made the life of Tinang centered between two men. The Bagobo, her husband,and Amado do not speak in the story but they are characterized ifferently with each other. Itappears that her husband, the Bagobo, is a simple man, whom is satisfied of being a farmer withthe 2 hectares of land for his family.

On one hand, Amado, the one she loved before her husband,is portrayed as a tractor driver, whom wears formal clothes every Saturday and a yet man whogives importance to his future as he wants to study mechanical engineering someday. see in thestory that in life, choices are given to us and yet what we have to do is to discern and stand in thedecision we may select. Hence, marrying is not a joke and to marry the Bagobo is not just a oincidence in TinangC]s life but it is her decisi on when she did so, even if she did not know yetthe reason why Amado had suddenly gone.

The last part of the story has some symbolic figures. Tinang still loves Amado even aftershe got married to her husband. Reading the letter is a moment when Tinang Cs feeling for Amadohas reawakened. TO cry is the first thing she does, then, she tries to recollect her first experienceswith him. A snake comes in the scene sneaking towards her baby. As I analyze it, I see that snakeis the representation of such discovery and poses threat towards her relationship with her family.

Why the snake is going to her baby? It is because that snake, if Tinang lets herself be taken byher emotion, can destroy her relationship with her Bagobo husband. Indeed, the snake is about toattack her son for he is the symbol and the fruit of the love that she and her husband sharedtogether. ln the end of the story, the author [Is symbolisms are saying that Tinang chooses to acceptthe conseq uences in the decision she made in her life.

First, she stands up from her sittingposition – telling that life must go on; then she embraced the baby telling that she has toembrace her own consequences and situatedness and specially the people whom God has givento her; next, she prayed and beg the almighty not to punish her after thinking other things outsidefrom her married life – saying that she realizes that her thoughts are wrong; afterwards, shechecks the skin of the baby searching for some marks – showing the possible scars in her marriedlife after reincarnating the feelings she once had with Amado; and the last one, the letter fellunnoticed among the cornhusk – saying that she leaves that momentum without knowing that hervery strong feeling and longing to Amado, if is not totally gone yet, is at least eased and is eftamong the cornhusks, which is meant to be consider as only a past Of her life. REFLECTION “Destiny is not a matter of chance, but of choice. ” This is a famous saying I have been hearing since my early teenage years. After reading the story, I am affirmed that a relationshiptantamount to what Tinang and Amado had is not always certain.

Life is full of twisting eventsand human beings have to understand that decisions done in every moment must be discernedwell and its consequences should be accepted-lf were Tinang, I would surely find myself too thinking about the other possibilities thatcould happen in my life if id not marry the Bagobo. However, though it is a little bit painful, Iknow that cannot rewind anymore the time and what have to is to accept that life is like that. We tend to experience the excruciating consequences of our hasty or even faulty decisions inorder for us to become a better and mature person someday in making decisions once again inour life. Hence, love in the cornhusk, as it is portraying that life has to be dealt with acceptance, Ilearn that at the end of the day, I must reserve a part of myself a chance of being able to move onand cope with the excruciating moments may face in the future. Who has the greater love than the other?

For me, it does not make any sense to talk about this question. I believe that both Tinangand Amado equally love each other. However, life has a lot of uncertainties and we cannot besure what are we someday and who are those people we will be living with in the future. Yet, forthe two of them, it just simply means that they are not destined with each other not becausedestiny itself decided if, but rather because they themselves are the ones decided for their owndestinies A Walk to Remember (novel) The story starts with a prologue from Landon Carter at age 57. The remainder of the story takes place when Landon is a 1 7-year-old high school senior.

Landon lives in the small, religious town of Beaufort, North Carolina. His father is a genial, charismatic congressman. His father is not around very much, as he lives in Washington, D. C. Landon is more reclusive, which causes some tension in their relationship. Landon’s father pressures him into running for class president. His best friend, Eric Hunter, who is the most popular boy in school, helps him and, to his surprise, Landon wins the election. As student body president, Landon is required to attend the school ance with a date. He asks many girls, but none are available. That night, he looks through his yearbook, trying to find an acceptable date.

Since nobody else seems to be available, Landon reluctantly asks Jamie Sullivan, the daughter of Hegbert Sullivan, the Beaufort church minister,who accepts his invitation. While Jamie is very religious and carries a Bible with her wherever she goes, Landon (one of the popular students) is reluctant to go to the dance with someone like her. When Landon is threatened by LewJamie comes to Landon ‘s aid, to his appreciation. At the end of the night, he admits she was he best date possible. A few days later, Jamie asks Landon to participate in the school’s production of The Christmas Angel. [17] While Landon is not very enthusiastic about participating, he agrees to it anyway. [1 8] Jamie, on the other hand, could not be happier about her new cast mate.

Landon knows that if his friends learn about his role in the play, he will be teased relentlessly. [19] One day at rehearsal, Jamie asks if Landon will walk her home, after which it becomes routine. [20] A couple of days later, Eric mocks the couple during their walk home and Landon becomes truly embarrassed o be with Jamie. [21] Meanwhile, Landon continues to learn about all the people and organizations Jamie spends her time helping, including an orphanage. Landon and Jamie visit the orphanage one day to discuss a possible showing of The Christmas but their proposal is quickly rejected by Mr. Jen kins. [23] When Jamie and Landon were waiting to meet Mr.

Jenkins, she tells Landon that all she wants in the future is to get married in a church full of people and to have her father walk her down the aisle. [24] While Landon thinks this is a strange wish, he accepts it. In truth, he is eginning to enjoy his time with her. One day, while they are walking home, Landon yells at Jamie and he tells her that he is not friends with her . [25] The next day at the first show of The Christmas Angel, Jamie enters the stage dressed as the angel,[26] making Landon simply utter his line, “You’re beautiful, “[27] meaning it for the first time. Following that, Jamie asks Landon if he would go around town and retrieve the jars containing money collected for the orphans’ Christmas presents. [28] When Landon collects the jars, there is only $55. 3, but when he gives the money to Jamie, there is $247. 29] Jamie buys gifts for the orphanage, and Landon and Jamie spend Christmas Eve there. [30] Jamie’s Christmas gift to Landon is her deceased mother’s Bible. [31] As they get in the carto go home, Landon realizes his true feelings for her. “All could do is wonder how I’d ever fallen in love with a girl like Jamie He invites her to his house for Christmas dinner. The next day Landon visits Jamie at her house, where they share their first kiss on her porch. [33] Afterward, Landon asks Hegbert if they can go to Flavin’s, a local restaurant, on New Year’s Eve. While Hegbert initially refuses, after Landon eclares his love for Hegbert allows it. 35] On New Year’s Jamie and Landon go to dinner, where they share their first dance. [36] A couple of weeks later, Landon tells Jamie that he is in love with her. [37] To his surprise, Jamie replies by insisting that he cannot be. In response, Landon demands an and Jamie reveals that she is dying of leukemia. [39] The following Sunday, Hegbert announces to his congregation that his daughter is dying. C40] Jamie does not return to school the following Monday and that it is eventually learned that she is too ill and will never return to school. [41] While hey are having dinner at Landon’s house, Jamie tells Landon, “l love you, too,” for the first time. 42] A couple weeks later, Eric and Margaret visit Jamie’s house, where they apologize for ever being rude to her . [43] Eric gives Jamie the $400 that he collected for the orphanage. [44] Jamie refuses to stay at the hospital, because she wants to die at home. In turn, Landon’s father helps to provide Jamie the best equipment and doctors so she can spend the rest of her life at home. [45] This gesture helps to mend the gap between father and son. One day, while sitting next to Jamie while she sleeps, Landon comes up with an idea. 46] He runs to the church to find Hegbert[47] and asks him for permission to marry Jamie. While Hegbert is his refusal to deny Landon’s request is seen by Landon as approval. 49] Landon runs back to Jamie’s side and asks, “Will you marry Landon and Jamie are married in a church full of people. Although she was weak and was in a wheelchair, she insisted on walking down the aisle so that her father could give her away which was part of her dream. [51 ] Landon remembers thinking “It was… the most difficult walk anyone ever had to make. In every way, a walk to remember. “[52] When they reach the front of the church, Hegbert says, “l can no more give Jamie away than can give away my heart But what can do is let another share in the joy that she has always given me. “[53] Hegbert has had to experience so much pain in his life, first losing his wife, now knowing his only child will soon be gone, too.

The book ends with Landon 40 years later at age 57. He still loves Jamie and wears her ring. [54] He finishes the story by saying, “l now believe, by the way, that miracles can happen. ” Reflection Paper Summary: “A Walk to Remember” is a heart touching story which is being narrated by a 57 year-old Landon Carter, who describes how he fell in love ith the Baptist’s daughter, Jamie. It’s starting from young people who first are strangers and then find themselves unexpectedly fall in love with each other. In 1 958, Beaufort, North Carolina, seventeen-year-olds Landon Carter who is a popular and rich kid in the community planned to study at university of Carolinas after he graduated.

His first girlfriend is Angela, but unfortunately they are not last. Therefore, Landon and Jamie live in two completely different worlds. Jamie Sullivan is a quiet and kind and bookish girl whom he has known many years but rarely ever spoken with. This changes hen Landon needs a date for the homecoming dance. All the girls he knows already have dates and finally he has no other possibility than asking Jamie. Surprisingly, she agrees, although her father doesn’t like Landon at all. The party day is coming and they have fun together lots. After the dance, Jamie asks Landon to play one of the main roles in a Christmas play that her father has written. Landon doesn’t want to but he agrees nevertheless.

When the rehearsals start, Landon and Jamie spend a lot of time together, and the more Landon knows about Jamie, the more he understands and even likes her. He ven walks Jamie home every night. On the evening when the play is performed, he seen Jamie as a very beautiful lady and he realized he falls in love with her. After Landon confessed, they start dating and having a very sweet couple life. They’re in a relationship together until Jamie tells him she has leukemia, and that she had stopped responding to treatments. This causes a struggle in their relationship. Jamie condition getting worse day by day and London feel really sad that he can’t help her anything. In the end they get married because Landon wants to fulfill her wish.

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