[Solved] essay we should provide food for the poor

We should all provide food for the poor. So many families die every day of starvation while we waste our food. Everyone needs food, otherwise how are we meant to survive? If we don’t have food to keep us moving and staying healthy its not possible to work and make a living for ourselves and our families. Everyone should have the right to live a healthy life especially when there are tones of food being wasted every year. Thousands of people are dying because of hunger. People become less productive and TABLE to work without food, we need to help them out.

No one deserves to go through the main of starvation, thefts why we should all provide food for the poor. All human beings need food to survive and there are so many people who waste their food every day. Food is one of the main things needed in life and some people are going without it. The world food program States that poor nutrition causes 3. 1 million children under the age of five to die (45%) every year and about one out of six children in developing countries are underweight.

If wealthier people have a large amount of food and money they should help provide the amount of nutrition needed to lower the risk of hillier dying around the world. Everything we eat does something to our body in some way and the nutrition in the food we eat helps the cells in our bodies to execute their relevant functions. We all need to survive and because people are dying of starvation and we need to help the people in need. There is more than enough food being produced in the world to feed everyone.

United Nations Food Agency states that one billion tones of food is wasted around the world every year and rich countries waste almost as much as two hundred and twenty two million tones. If we waste so much food and throw it away why don t we just use that food to help the poor and the hungry who can’t support themselves? The food that gets wasted isn’t necessarily out of date or covered in mould, people just think that some of the food we call “scraps” can never be used again.

There are so many ways that one piece of food can be used without becoming old or out of date. The food people think is waste, can be used for many things and one of those things is feeding the poor. People need energy to work and food is one of the main things needed to have energy. By eating at work it can increase your productivity by 20% on average. People living in poverty cannot afford nutritious food for themselves and their families. This makes them weaker and less TABLE to earn the money that would help them escape poverty and hunger.

If you don’t have food, you don’t have energy and if you don’t have energy, you can’t work and provide the necessities needed to be healthy and mainly to Stay alive. Giving people the food to become healthier will give them a head start on earning their own food and living a healthy life. There are so many reasons why we should provide food for the poor. There are so many families dying of starvation and it is not right. Food is important as we need the right amount of nutrition in our bodies to survive.

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