[Solved] ethical problems in providing services to the customer

Ethical problems in providing services to the customer C] In the process of providing services to the customer where many unethical practices occur, misrepresentation and over persuasion are the most common practice CLC It also occur in 4 major areas a) While providing service to the customer b) How members of a business organization fulfill their duties and responsibilities c) How competitors treat each other d) Providing a price fair to the manufacturer, seller and buyer.

Problems in providing services Production CLC Is obtaining raw materials and transforming them into reduces useful to man, transporting the products to places where they are needed, and storing them until they are sold. C] Production includes rendering personal, technical or services to people.

While production provides services to mankind by transforming raw materials into useful forms, the production process itself provides opportunities for unscrupulous persons to commit undesirable practices C] Unethical Practices in production a) Sub-standard raw materials b) Substituting quality ingredients with inferior ones. ) Manufacturing items that do not meet the test quality d) Making production shortcuts e) passing on inferior products to customers as quality good.

Marketing C] is making people aware those goods with specific characteristics uses exist and then awakening in them the desire to possess the goods for their esteem or functional value. 0 Unethical Practices in Marketing a) b) c) d) Making false statement about the quality Content and usefulness of the product Fanning the customer’s desire to possess the products even if he does not need or cannot afford to ay or buy for it Directly persuade him/her to buy the product by using emotionalism rather than logic and actual need for the product.

How providing service becomes a disservice Unethical practices Misrepresentation C] Misrepresentation 2 classifications Intentional misrepresentation Is deliberate and willful Lying unintentional misrepresentation Not deliberate The one making it may not be aware that he is engaging in misrepresentation or if he does, his intention is to mislead somebody in order to save a life or to prevent trouble and unhappiness White lie C] Making someone believes what you yourself do not believe.

Types of Lying a) Lying through the use of an ambiguous term Using vague term or meaning to mislead people b) Lying by making a statement from which a false inference ma be drawn Is making a false statement that can mislead the other party and other parties to making the wrong conclusions c) Lying through action Is used by people who are almost caught in the act of wrongdoing d) Lying through suppression of correct information Is often deliberate but in some instances it may be unintentional.

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