[Solved] free college should it be free for everyone

Have you ever heard about how much college debts, expenses, transportation and materials that you guys need for your classes? But when everyone has to go pay for books they need for classes or a computer for access, debt can become more overtime if not paid, and more money for transportation on campus. Everyone should have it free because it will get more students, let others achieve their goals and let people become a better place.

If there was a free college, it would help them that don’t have as much money and encourage them. This encourages people that are poorer, for them to get a college education, also giving the poor people opportunities that the rich get (Deming). According to “Free College – Top 3 Pros and Cons”, It will increase the education and the skills for the workforce in an affordable manner. If the cost is more than what your family can pay then you’ll get college grants to cover the cost (Lobosco). That is why free college is good to help people that can’t pay for college.

Free college can also help us in the future when the college people get older and help the world from what they do. Most students that earn a college degree or achieve higher earnings from the postsecondary credential and become a positive outcome (Duncan). According to “Free College – Top 3 Pros and Cons”, You can get enrolled part-time or longer if your institution of higher education leads to an associate degree or a regional high demand field. Also from “Free College – Top 3 Pros and Cons”, If it approves more education will get more people enrolled for longer in an institution of higher education, the total amount of tuition, fees and than average charges from approving for two years. That is why it will help us in the future when we will have more people.

They will have more money after their college lives for their family or a baby that they could possibly have. But they might buy cars, spend money on healthy foods, travel more and contribute more to the economy (Andersen). They must tend those that fund college the least (Deming). Lastly, so that they don’t need to ask to use their money to pay for expenses like their rooms (Lobosco). That is why the money will help the students after.

Free college will require tax going up and make more higher education. According to “Joinknack.com”, It will require tax increases or forces states to move resources into better education, for example, health care, prisons, roads, and K-12 education. But it can help us in the future when they get older and help the world from their jobs. There will be more devoting and more public spending to policies that will encourage the students that are poor to get a college education and that will give them opportunities like the rich students get (Duncan). That is who there is a better pro than a con because it gets better at the end of everything.

Everyone should’n have free college to make the population of citizens and let students do what they wanted to do, but if it wasn’t free they couldn’t. Also, there are better ways for students to stay in college. It should be welcoming and make the communities a better place. Lastly, it makes it easier for the people that can’t work as much. In conclusion, that’s why free colleges are the way to go.

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