[Solved] how covid 19 impacted the environment

Today while everyone is ecstatic to send there kids back to school, I sat in fear and disbelieve of how life right now maybe the new norm. Within my thoughts i realize how management plays one of the greatest parts in this whole covid-19 pandemic. Management as we know is the attainment of organization goal in an effective and efficient manner through planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Research shows that pandemics top national risk-management frameworks in many countries. The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is no exception. The disease an epidemic that became a global pandemic ,emerged in a densely populated hub in central China and has since spread to 29 other countries and regions, Within a month, more than ten thousand people were infected and hundreds had died. Most of us haven’t experienced anything like this situation.

Covid-19 as we know it has caused the economy to change rapidly. With this pandemic we have seen the environment change its social, political, economic and technological. Looking at the social part of this pandemic schools, universities, shops, bars, restaurants and other recreational facilities have been close in many countries across the world. Our movement have been restricted with flights being cancelled, borders being close and entire lockdown by governments. All gathering our country Trinidad and Tobago where limited to nothing more that five. No acceptation to even funeral, which in my case had to experience first-hand. Economic impact was seen through the global tourism industry will take a hit. Thousands of jobs were lost globally because of the pandemic. Unemployment was at its highest around the world. T&T’s imports of intermediate goods was also affected and this in turn will force the economy, especially those sectors that depend on goods and material for manufacturing products. Government organization, businesses, churches and to come together in support of many person who was laid off and for non-essential workers. With most businesses close money movement was at its lowest in country.

Technology on the other hand had both its pro and con. For instance, as people fled indoors to avoid contracting and spreading the virus, they went online to communicate, shop, work and take classes. The internet has performed welled. The experience of shifting life online holds promises for consumers and enterprises alike as people turn to online shopping, e-banking, remote education, telehealth and mobile entertainment while enterprises rely more on videoconferencing and online training. On the other hand, the ability to provide this amount service could become an issue due the lack work force. The supply chain since covid -19 has decrease. New internet service and technology that was about to be drop was put on hold. Internet gaming and upgrade have seen a major downfall also. There are so many ways that technology has impact the environment.

The information and examples given above are of course only one interpretation of the current situation, which is very unstable with new, daily information being released every day. The economy and politics are adapting to the new circumstances created by the coronavirus. We are still looking to see if this may lead to a recession. Weather it does or don’t we now see the need for management skills more because of this pandemic. Technical skills will give us the ability and the knowledge to use a variety of techniques to achieve their objectives. The conceptual skills allow government and organization the ability to concept, analyse and diagnose a problem, and find creative solutions. This intern can help us effectively predict major issue with situation like these. We can’t forget the human or the interpersonal skills, that helps us relate and motivate the people in crisis like this. Just reflecting on what we have been through globally and how many lives we have lost makes me on a hold respect more the management process and functions. I see boldly that without out these leaders of most countries being able to but the managemental techniques to use, could of increase the death toll or escalate things even worst in small counties

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