[Solved] how trials and tribulation shape our lives

In your life you will always be woken up by surprises that change your life for good or you will have internal strength to get over. You will always get thrown a curve ball and either you dodge it or go with it. Both How the Garcia girls lost their accents and “Hostage” are examples of trials and tribulations that shape our lives. My theme is about the challenges that occur in your life and how it either changes your life forever or how you have internal strength and learn how to get over different challenges that come your way.

In How the Garcia girls lost their accent the two main characters Yolanda and Sophia struggle with internal strength they may or may not have. Them going to America and changing their ways, then returning to the Dominican Republic and them not being accepted, they had to have internal to over come that challenge but Yolanda does not have the internal strength. In “Hostage” the narrator and Brutus both of their lives were changed with a challenge that occurred in their lives.

In the book How the Garcia girls lost their accent shows us how if you don’t have internal strength you cant over come different trials. Their challenge changes their lives in many different ways. For example”…. My sister and I had been pretty well Americanized since our arrival in this country a decade before…” When they go back home no one quite accepts them as Americanized. Yolanda never learns to deal with it and becomes crazy. The author states “.. ell dressed kitten… I picked Schwarz up, and in one deft movement, plunked her down into the hollow of my drum, grabbing up my drumsticks in exchange, slapping the lid down, shifting the drum in front of me, and then as the mother cat jerked around and caught sight of me and then my drum, which was meowing furiously, I brought down a loud, distracting drum roll. ” Now that her family doesn’t accept her for who she has become she does crazy things to act out and make a scene for some attention at all. But Sophia takes it in and tries to show them her change isn’t for the worse.

And she falls in love while in America and teaches her family to learn that American culture is not as bad as they seem to think. In the short story “Hostage” it shows how you don’t always get over the different trials that come through out your life. When the narrator is kidnapped and Bruno saves her then he dies. She never gets over what happened to her. She is always secretly in love with him. But the changes she went through during the kidnapping never changed her back. The theme in the story is important because it shows how trials in your life can change your life.

The author states “Its because of me, I would think, starting after him, what he is now-my fault. Though at more sober moments I understood that what Bruno Sokolov had done had nothing to do with one…” It shows stuff about American like how things in your life can happen and change your life forever. For example “By sixteen Bruno Sokolov had quit school, by seventeen he had joined the army, by eighteen he’d been snipped overseas to die within a few months…” The trials that happen in her she never gets over. Although you will always have changes in your life, you should know how to overcome them.

I believe that the two girls in How the Garcia girls lost their accents show how to overcome different trials in your life and how to have internal strength to become stronger. Something’s are harder to overcome then others but having the internal strength will always help you more. In “Hostage” it shows how if you don’t have internal strength that it can change your life forever. But they both share that one person from each story loses it when a challenge comes their way. But in the book one person shows the internal strength that you need to have to overcome something that is difficult.

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