[Solved] ideal plant manager

1.      If you were part of the selection committee for the River Woods plant manager position, based on what you’ve learned about the sources of personal power in this chapter, describe what you’d consider to be the ideal candidate’s qualification.

The following are the qualifications which the ideal plant manager should possess:

He should be good at distributing his River Woods workforce;
He should be a good communicator; and
He should be able to inspire the workers through rewards or appreciation.
2.      If you were offered the new River Woods plant manager position, based on what you’ve learned about the sources of position power, what actions would you take to insure that as the company’s first general manager you had the necessary clout to accomplish your assigned duties?

The following are the actions that I would take to insure that I had the necessary clout to accomplish my duties:

I will make sure that the workers are knowledgeable of their work or task;
I will give my workers autonomy in doing their job; and
I will see to it that incentives or opportunities are available for the workers.
3.      Using the information on influence strategies in the second chapter as your guide, strategize how you would address the challenges you are likely to encounter if you accepted the position of River Woods plant manager.

The following are my strategies to address the challenges that I would likely to encounter:

I would make sure that there is equality in the treatment of the workers;
All workers who have done their job well shall be rewarded; and
Workers who made constantly make mistakes shall undergo more training.
There is a constant forum or opportunity for the workers and top officers of the company to interact.
1.      Identify the conceptual blocks that are illustrated in this case.

      The following are the conceptual blocks illustrated in the case:

a.       There was constancy by Kimmel and his advisers in the usage of strategies or solutions even if there are new developments in the facts and situation;

b.      The facts or information that was considered was so limited or compressed;

c.       Kimmel and his advisers were firm in looking and analyzing things in a simple way or manner; and

d.      Kimmel and his advisers were too content with their decisions. As long as his decision was affirmed by any of his advisers, Kimmel would already be at ease or satisfied.

2.      Outline the problem-solving steps followed by Kimmel and his advisors. What steps in analytical problem solving were skipped or short-circuited?

      The following are the problem-solving steps followed by Kimmel and his advisers:

a.       Defining and identifying the problem;

b.      Analyzing the problem;

c.       Identifying possible solutions;

d.      Selecting the best solutions;

e.       Evaluating solutions;

f.       Developing an action plan; and

g.      Implementing the solution.

      Among the steps of problem-solving which Kimmel and his advisers short-circuited are the following:

a.       Analyzing the problem; and

b.      Identifying possible solutions.

3.      If you were Admiral Kimmel’s advisor, knowing what you know about problem solving, what would you have suggested to help his problem-solving process?

      If I were Admiral Kimmel’s advisor, I would have suggested that do the following:

a.       Consider all the information that was relayed to him in order to have a clear or  understandable idea or view of the real problem;

b.      If still unsure about certain facts make some further research, like calling the officers in the United States;

c.       Don’t just consult a few of his staff. Have a brainstorming; and

d.      Consider the development of events.

4.      What do you learn from this case that would help you advise Microsoft in its anti-competitive case with the federal government, or advise Barnes & Noble.com to help it displace Amazon.com, or advise American Greetings to become the dominant player in the greeting card business? What practical hints, in other words, do you derive from this classic case of analytical problem solving gone awry?

      The following are the practical hints I derive from the case:

a.       Don’t under analyze facts and information;

b.      Make research if things are still vague;

c.       Don’t consult just a few, brainstorm;

d.      Look at all the sides of the problem that you may see the actual problem;

e.       Don’t be contented with the thought that your decision is satisfactory just because a person approved of it;

f.       If you have doubts look at it if the doubt has a basis and analyze it; and

g.      Evaluate constantly the strategies that you are using.

Using the behavioral guidelines and Figure 6.5 as diagnostic aids, what are the strengths and weaknesses Electro Logic (EL) from a motivational perspective?
The following are the strengths of Electro Logic:

It is compose of workers or personnel with good qualification;
The workforce is happy to work because of Steve Morgan; and
The pay is good.
The following are the weaknesses of Electro Logic:

a.       The workers and the upper management does not have a good communication system;

b.      The management does have any motivational program for the workers; and

c.       The company’s policies is too unfriendly.

What are the high-priority action items you would include in a consulting report to Steve Morgan, president of EL? Focus on specific actions that he could initiate that would better use the abilities of the staff and foster a more motivating work environment.
The following are the specific actions that Steve Morgan can initiate to better use the abilities of the staff and foster a more motivating work environment:

Provide an opportunity wherein the workers can raise their suggestions, comments or criticisms;
Make or improve the reward system for the workers;
Create opportunities were all the people of the company can socialize;
Improve the salary rate;
Give trainings; and
Give room for the workers to improve.

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