[Solved] lebanese brain drain

Lebanon is facing a critical economic situation. The economic crisis is encouraging Lebanese citizens to emigrate, leaving their country, and their families behind. Statistics showed that “most emigrants are mainly men between the ages of 20 to 44”, Safieddine, Assem (2004). Also, by losing Lebanon’s middle class, Lebanon is becoming more deprived of productivity and development. Since the most educated people are the most common emigrants, the government should put more effort into improving Lebanon’s current situation and provide proper representatives to assess the country’s social, political, and economical problem.

Emigration has come to have a few causes. One cause is economic, which is because of the lack of opportunities and poverty we have in Lebanon. Another cause is from different academic levels, which lead to poor management of certain domains that enrich our country. Last but not least, society is another cause. The lack of security that is in the country does not make Lebanon as stable as it should be. Therefore, how are these causes really affecting Lebanon? The emigration of important figures such as professionals and technicians reflects the extent of severity of the drain in Lebanon.

Such problems are faced worldwide, and not just in Lebanon, but are also being solved. Lebanon’s government ceases to address such issues, and is ignoring the fact that the country is losing. Lebanese people are gradually leaving their country, and not finding any incentive to stay, despite their love and attachment to their country. Parents are losing their children to foreign nations after many years of investing and educating them. Immigrating to strange nations is becoming very understandable. Lebanon is at its worst when it comes to finding a job and looking for stability.

The country’s problems and economic downturn is not helping in providing hope to young graduates who are seeking to get hired and begin their new independent lives. Opportunities abroad are becoming more tempting than ever because it is hard to experience freedom when you’re living in a society that has a strong dose of politics. Emigration has always been a common thing in Lebanon. There is no doubt that after the war ended in 2006, tension grew stronger in Lebanon. Massive assassinations and demonstrations then began, and drew the country into civil war.

Many of the emigrants who left never came back, and more are leaving as conflicts are increasing. Almost every Lebanese now carries much uncertainty, not knowing if another fight or political crisis will begin. Not knowing whether Lebanon will have a better future is turning into a burden and is pushing people to have enough of living in the way they are today. Lebanese people have had enough of the tension, and the grief towards their country. Lebanon has always been known as the country filled with beauty, having it all; sea, snow, mountains, and urban areas.

Now it is known as the country that is losing hope as long as the government and politicians don’t get along to unite the country once and for all. Every family across the region, hopes for a better future, and wonders if that day will ever come. The temptation of a better living abroad with great living conditions along with political stability is draining our country’s economy. Opportunities outside Lebanon are luring our graduates and educated people to fit positions around the world when they should be productive in their home land and invest their time and effort into the country they represent.

Educated people need to stay and take care of their country, because if they don’t, there will not be anyone left who will. A plan must be made to increase Lebanon’s development. Lebanon’s debt of $58 billion is stopping the economy’s growth that is why immediate action must be taken to save the country and increase its wealth and savings. Giving rights to emigrants who are linked to Lebanon is one step in strengthening our country. Other ways that could be effective is by encouraging investments by locals and being more engaged in the community.

Because Lebanon is much politicized, what is the most corruptive is the lack of trust us citizens have towards our government. This lack of trust is impacting people’s willingness to invest in a negative way. Lebanon’s education problem also plays a role in the damage that is happening. Educated people are having trouble finding suitable jobs in Lebanon, which encourages them to work abroad. On the other hand, the absence of good quality education that is leading to unequal levels of literacy is one of the large reasons that affect our country.

When there is a high percentage of people with not enough education, and are not treated fairly and who are victims of the government who is not providing fair treatment, it leads them to turning into rebels of their own country, and following sects blindly without knowledge of how they are acting. When such people roam the streets causing problems because their so called political “leader” implies that, it destroys the country’s image and is setting apart the country’s people instead of bringing them together.

Politicians should become good role models to those who look up to them, because they have the most influence in the current situation. If politicians and leaders of the country are able to do that then maybe there will be hope to bringing people together to make our country a better one. Having Lebanese abroad mastering their skills makes us proud. It is a way of representing Lebanon as a country and showing the rest of the world what Lebanese people are capable of. As soon as these people start preferring the living outside their home land, without the thought of coming back, that is when the crisis begins.

Leaders and strong figures of Lebanon have to start putting everything back in place and bring back the beauty of Lebanon. Also, allow everyone to be treated fairly and with respect in order for us to be proud Lebanese. In addition to letting the young generations believe that they can have a great future in the country they were raised in, and feel that they are good enough to contribute to their country without the so called wasta. The drain in Lebanon is to no one’s benefit. People emigrate leaving their hearts in their country, not knowing if they will ever be back.

Those who are left, who are planning to leave their families behind, deserve to have some hope and better opportunities. If we don’t work together in hope for a better tomorrow, those who are emigrating, will continue to emigrate, taking away the educated along with the new generations blooming, and Lebanon will be left with nothing, and no one to take care of. References: Safieddine, Assem (2004, February 23). Brain Drain or Brain Gain?. The Daily Star Ghattas,Kim (2007, February 2). Lebanon’s Brain Drain Alarm. BBC News Sassine, Georges (2011, December 12). Don’t Let Lebanon’s Diaspora Go to Waste. The Daily Star

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