[Solved] literature as a role model for people

Literature are written novels of stories that contains drama, and poetry of the important features of genre. Literature has the use of language to express the values of judgement of their scientific and characteristics of writing. There is a verbal statement that the writer has inspiration from their tradition of the generation of their time. Journalism, magazines, and information articles are not literature because they are real graphical news of reports of real events. Novels are iconic to the aspects of fiction of realism. Literature portrays as an artistic value of the nation, people, and the society. It involves the written works of a period of decades. Literature deals with realistic thoughts, ideas, and literal expression. It is a written particular style of a specific topic. It is a form of writing that involves structure and organization of the subheading and text of the creativity of novels. People like reading literature because it demonstrates social ability, reduces stress, can inspire others of creativity, and shows a good role model to others.

Reading Literature can demonstrate social ability. It is a cognitive theory on how it can change perception to ourselves. “Fiction is a kind of stimulation in their interaction of the social world. It is based on experience and involves being able to think of possible futures.” (Oatley). Reading can improve the relation of people. There is communication on how we make a synthetic behavior and understandment to the society. Literature can identify experiences of the consumption of others. Readers and Novelist shows a good example of getting along and passing it on to their experience. “If we pass the evening with those friends and books it’s because we really want to. When we leave them, we do so with regret and, when we have left them, there are none of those thoughts that spoil friendship” (Marcel Proust). This portrays literature can help us mentally and physically of social communication. It releases a moral obligation of everyday habits of social ability skills.

People read literature because it can reduce mental and traumatic physical stress. Novels are an entertainment and is a psychanalysis as a therapy stimulation. “Bibliotherapy if it existed at all, tended to be based within a more medical content of self-help books. But we are dedicated to fiction as an ultimate cure of because it gives readers of transformation of experience” (Berthoud). Literature is the medicine of relaxation and inner peace. It shows that the brain is pleasure to reading novels because it can have self-esteem, sleep nice, and lower risks of suicide and depression. “Reading can heal the rupture of reality that makes imagination” (Jenette Winterson). People who experience grief can read novels of literature as a way to calm themselves.

Literacy can be beneficial to inspire others of their creativity. Books can open ideas and discoveries. “Reading can have creativity and avoid running out of ideas of having a creative block one day” (Sandra). It helps improve your cognitive thinking. Reading can help memorization and learning. It can expand and educate of strengthening a point of view and perception and concepts of the ability of multi-tasking of everyday techniques. It helps you think critically and analyze the solution to others. It makes you become a better writer and expanding good vocabulary of stories. Literature is published written work that is an inspiration to language, culture, tradition, and the people.

Literature can be an example of a role model to novels. Reading can create a positive atmosphere of literacy response to share experiences of characters that is an enjoyment to people. Children are introduced by actively reading a variety of novels that is similar to their problems. “Naturally members regarded books how much they read and talk about of reading the book. How many books they buy and borrow will be a part of the way of life absorbed by their children almost as if by osmosis” (D. Storey). (1986). Fictional folk tales are common to situation of literature. It is an imagination to the literacy of others. Literature seeks important events and scenes of displaying a plot and theme of the genre of characters and graphic imagery. The story attitudes and behavior influence an outlook of a role model. Literature has a meaningful role model conflict that has a situation of everyday lives.

Reading Literature is essential to theme and storytelling. It relates to poetry, genres, novels, and imagination of story tales. It has an innovation ideas and literacy devices. People read literature because it demonstrates social communication, reduces stress, inspires creativity of happiness. And shows a good role model to people. Reading gives general opinions towards fiction. Readers have an impact to an interest on good stories they like. It is a therapeutic effect that is a stimulant to the enjoyment of readers. Reading has a purpose of entertainment, action, drama, adventure, and romance. Literature is relentless and can accommodate experiences to be aware of the surrounding world and the environment. It can preoccupied on reading literature as a hobby and activity. Reading novels are a way to endure thoughtfulness and to gain learning experiences of fiction. It’s an egoistic path to analyze information of the nature of literacy. Its responses to empathic connections that is skeptical to altruism of hypothesis of a popular fiction. It is a site of theory of mind that seeks social perception. Literature brings uniqueness and to express feelings to themselves of reasonings and characterization. It makes us become a better person in real life. Literature reduces the struggles of pain and suffering and response to great sympathy towards others and can help escape the real aspects of pressures.

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