[Solved] my goal is to become a role model for children

Since I can remember the number one thing adults would always tell me was ‘if you want to be successful you have to go to College’ and luckily that stuck with me because here I am now, a Freshmen in college. College has different significance to different individuals as for myself not only does it mean making my parents happy, it also means creating a form of financial stability by pursuing my dream career in Criminal Psychology as well as becoming a role model for my children in the future.

In addition to my future academic and career goals, I hope to attain my Associate Degree at Florida SouthWestern College and continue my studies at the University Of Central Florida to achieve my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology as well as my Master’s degree and hopefully my Doctors degree in Criminal Psychology. I’ve always known that I wanted to attend college not just for myself but for the two people I love the most in this entire world, my parents. My parents have done so much and sacrificed so much for me to be where I am. Not only did they leave their hometown in Mexico to give me a better life in the United States but they’ve been the perfect role model throughout life. My parents have shown me that sometimes effort and dedication is all it takes for you to be where and who you want to be. You could say my parents are for sure my biggest motivation into finishing college, my mom and dad never got the opportunity to go into college and that not only makes me want to make them happy but it motivates me to be the first in my family to go to college.

College is filled with new experiences each and every day and while it may seem that it is important to get involved with special activities, meeting new friends on campus, learning and having fun it doesn’t always have to come with an extra amount of spending. Seeing others working such hard jobs with such little pay has made me realize that it is hard to find a well paying and stable job without having a degree. I knew that the only way out of this for me was to attend college and pursue a career in something I really enjoy doing. Being financially stable is important not only to have stability now but also for the future and so my future family can live a great life without any financial problems. If there’s one thing people tell kids is ‘stay in school’ I want to show my future children that if I did it they can do it too! I want to encourage them that education has a positive effect on mostly everything especially when it comes to the opportunity to safely, economically and also longevity. It seems to be that when parents put value and effort into education it’s more likely that they’ll do it too.

I remember that when I was a kid I would always look for a role model to look up to and mine seemed to be my parents, although they didn’t get far into education I knew that If they did they’d for sure would’ve made me proud! Parents can have the top deep influence in their kid’s achievements when it comes to school and I want to be that and more for my children. Therefore I will try and make it as far as I can to make them proud and one day I know I’ll be proud of them too. Having motivation in life is important mainly because it helps you work toward your goals. Goals are known to be the stepping stones toward your dreams, so in order for you to reach them, you need motivation that’ll keep you pushing until you meet them.

Meeting my goals is very important to me, therefore I hope to complete my Associate Degree in general studies at Florida SouthWestern College so I then transfer to the University Of Central Florida and achieve my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Later on, I plan on studying to receive a masters and doctors degree in Criminal Psychology. I know this will be a long journey but having these things in mind will keep me pushing into being the best I can be, not only for myself but for my parents and future family.

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