[Solved] my statement of purpose essay

My name is Barbara Kalous-Amador, and I am writing to you today to submit my statement of purpose for consideration on UCLA Health’s Administrative Fellowship Program.

I was born and grew up in Vienna, Austria and had exposure to the medical field early on, as both my parents are nurses. My mother who made the long trip from a tiny island in the Philippines and my father who was an orphan due to the aftermath in Austria of WWII, which left him parentless, to now, both having a quaint life in Vienna, Austria.

As for myself and the time that approached for me to set my personal and professional goals, I made a conscientious decision to move to the United States. The combination of my parent’s difficult upbringing and determination has fueled me with ambition and provided me with a work ethic that allowed me to move cross continents and pursue my MBA and future career, my version of the American dream.

Prior to moving to the United States and completing my Master of Business Administration degree at California Baptist University, I gained valuable experience at IBM as a Project Manager. With the direction that my great mentors provided, I developed a deep understanding of analytical business development as well as allowing me to contribute to the management and improvement of day-today business operations. I have gained solid research, analytical and problem-solving skills and assisted in generating innovative ideas and strategies to improve processes that have provided me with a deeper understanding of multifaceted problems that companies encounter in their daily operations.

And after the completion of my MBA degree, I joined Mathansium. As a Center Director, I noticed that I have a passion for leadership, Mathnasium allowed me to explore my management capabilities by balancing both the business operations of managing a learning center as well as adeptly developing and implementing the Mathnasium curriculum. Moreover, while my on-the-job experience has afforded me a well-rounded skill set, including first-rate people and administrative abilities, I exceled at increasing revenue for the organization through business development, prospecting, and lead generation, relationship management, account management, and solutions-based sales methodologies.

These fronts have assisted me successfully in my professional career. I credit the diverse experiences I had for cultivating my analytical thought process and my time in university that have ensured the logical thinking methodology, the analytical reasoning and decision making.

On a personal level, my aspirations are to make a significant contribution to the healthcare community through effective management, clinical operations, and strategic planning. As my interest in healthcare and hospital operations is dominated by my upbringing. Working with diverse teams, produce great results and I am very interested in opportunities to bring that experience and growth to the Fellowship Program.

Working in multi-dimensional geographies, Europe and the United States have assisted me in transitioning into having a broad sense of global understanding. I believe that one of my biggest asset is my adoptability to different organizational cultures and my global determinant and hence my decision to pursue my personal life and career in the United States.

My education and experience has so far introduced me to the various possibilities, tools and methods and moving forth from now, I wish to transition into the role of a Fellow and dive into hospital management and all aspects of the administrative training of the healthcare sector. I am detail-oriented, organized, and precise in my work. I have strong communication skills with a knack for clear and illuminating presentation. I’m comfortable on my own facing the numbers, but I really enjoy being part of a motivated team of smart people.

Please find my contact information at the top of this letter, as well as on my enclosed resume. I appreciate your time spent reading this letter and look forward to connecting with you soon.

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