[Solved] my statement of purpose in eduation

Life gives us with many crossroads to tread on. A road which has never been travelled is the most difficult to choose because no one knows what lies ahead. I choose to take such a road, which leads me to my ultimate destination. With due reverence to the Department and the University, I am penning down the “Statement of Purpose”. This statement is an attempt to project my credentials as an aspiring International Masters Student, my achievements as an engineer and my ambitions.

Goals and Aspirations

The fast-paced advancement in science, engineering and technology, to make life easy and comfortable, inspires me to be an integral part of its development. In a long stand to make my dreams into reality, I, having done a timely four-year course in Electronics and Communication Engineering, would now like to use this knowledge to do my Masters in Computer Engineering from a highly recognized university like yours, and thereby gain good knowledge in the field. My aspiration is to acquire knowledge and thereby achieve or create something which could be useful to society and future.

Academic Background

“Simple concepts and principles led to create complex things.’ When I look back at my schooling days, it was this intrinsic nature of thought that went all through my mind as I fidgeted with the various pieces of equipment like old phone chargers and other machinery which I find at home. This curiosity to know ‘how things work’ has come to a long way, which it led me clearly to take my decision to travel the road of engineering in my school. My schooling began at Sri Chaitanya Techno School, which is known for its excellence in imparting knowledge and bring out latent qualities of children. Techno Curriculum is integrated with maths, physics, chemistry which gave me good foundation. This was the essence to select Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as my subjects in Highschool course. My interest in Electronics and Communication led me to choose Electronics and Communication engineering during my undergraduate studies.

Under-graduation Course Work

During the course of my undergraduate study, I developed a broad knowledge of the subject and a good grasp of the fundamentals. My education at GITAM University is filled with a great competence. I have greatly benefited from the breadth of GITAM University’s syllabi that has given me a comprehensive exposure to the core areas of Electronics and Communication and a strong conceptual understanding of the same.

The curriculum provided me with a strong and comprehensive background in Electronics and Communication courses like Signals and Systems, Electronic Devices and Circuits, Principles of Electrical Engineering which let me to gain good knowledge over the principles underlying my course and have made me ready for International Graduate education. Courses like Electronic Circuit Analysis, Digital Logic Design theory, Linear integrated Circuits and their corresponding lab work enable me to appreciate and understand the theoretical concepts to full extent. Also let me exposure to Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, Communications (Satellites, Radar), Wireless Communication and Network, Programming Languages like C, Object Oriented Programming, VLSI, Digital System Processing, to name a few. The Major and Mini Projects along with the internship also helped me to have a hands-on-experience.

My mini project is based on design Traffic lights controller system (TLC) using FPGA. This system is majorly useful in heavy traffic area like Hyderabad. It is used to control traffic through sensors. Through this project I have gained knowledge in practical and daily usage of major technologies like FPGA, VLSI, Verilog HDL etc. This mini project enabled me to know more about ALTERA chip. This design is universal and intelligent approach to situation. In this mini project not only, I got to about know new things academically but also gave a chance to do things differently and made me independent.

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